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What to know about Brazilian Butt Lift Scars

By Dr. Charles J. Galanis

brazilian butt lift scars

Continuing to be amongst the hottest trends in cosmetic surgery, fuller, curvier backsides are being put on display throughout the entertainment world and on social media.  Obtaining these trending curves is hardly possible solely through the normal methods of an amazingly healthy balanced diet and a top notch physical trainer.

Don’t get me wrong, those things are still of high level importance, but to achieve the eye popping reviews, you are probably going to need to turn to the world of BBL Beverly Hills and read about BBL Surgery: The Butt Lift Procedure Everyone Is Talking About.

As many of the potential Brazilian butt lift (bbl) patient’s consider their BBL surgery, they may wonder how they are going to look when they hit the sandy beaches with their new look intact.

One of most patients major concerns will have to do with visible scarring and what to expect from Brazilian butt lift scars on the patient’s body. Let’s take a little deeper dive into this subject.

Understanding How a Brazilian Butt Lift Works

A Brazilian butt lift procedure entails a specialized fat transfer procedure designed to enhance your natural curves while modifying the size and shape of the buttocks without the use of gluteal implants.

The Brazilian butt lift technique involves removing enough excess fat from areas such as the hips, abdomen, lower back, or thighs through liposuction to reposition in the gluteal area. A portion of this extracted fat is strategically injected into the buttocks for augmentation.

It is estimated that 50-70% of the newly transferred fat cells will survive in place while your body will absorb the rest. It typically takes 3 to 6 months for the fat cells to stabilize and integrate into the surrounding tissue, at which point they become a permanent and regular part of your body.

Scarring After BBL Procedures

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery typically results in exceptionally minimal scarring that is visible, especially when compared to Brazilian butt lift work where implants are placed. There should be no scarring on the buttocks itself, as the transfer fat is injected using a syringe.

The only scar tissue that may occur is from the tiny, 2-3 mm incisions needed to extract fat during liposuction. While these scars are expected to be small and nearly invisible over time, plastic surgery teams place great emphasis on noticeable scarring with their surgical techniques.

They take careful measures to position fat grafting liposuction incisions discreetly in areas where they can be easily concealed within the natural lines of the body and/or beneath clothing.

The BBL scars that remain from the cosmetic surgery will resemble dots usually no more than 5 millimeters in length.

Steps for Scar Management Following a Brazilian Butt Lift

Keep Your Incisions Clean

Maintaining the cleanliness of your incisions following the BBL procedure is crucial scar care for preventing infection, promoting faster scar healing, and minimizing scarring.

Following the surgery, your liposuction incisions will be sutured and dressed for 24-48 hours, during which time you should ensure the area stays dry. You must gently clean your incisions with soap and water twice a day until they are fully healed.

We will schedule follow-up appointments 1-2 weeks after the surgery to assess that your wounds are healing appropriately.

Avoid Products That Can Irritate The Skin

Throughout the postoperative period, scars undergo a maturation process, becoming more visible. It is advisable scar care to steer clear of irritants such as harsh antimicrobial solutions, including rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and ointments.

These irritants can destroy the protein in the incision area and lead to increased inflammation, which could lengthen your recovery process.

Stay Away From Sun Exposure

Scar tissue is more susceptible to sun damage compared with the rest of your skin. Excessive sun exposure can result in visible scarring as the scars retain their pigmented color permanently, making them stand out against your skin tone.

You should keep your wounds shielded from sunlight for at least six months post-surgery. Be sure to protect yourself from the suns rays by covering your BBL scars with clothing, applying sunscreen, or using a beach umbrella to prevent exposure to the sun.

We know you are really wanting to get into that bikini and show your new figure off, but a little patience will enhance your look well into the future.

Apply Pressure To Your BBL Scars

After your incisions have fully healed, applying pressure to the scars can improve your scar management expediting the healing process for optimal outcomes.

You can achieve this by gently massaging the scar areas daily and using silicone sheets on the area. Silicone sheets function by decreasing collagen production in the region and hydrating the scar tissue aiding in the softening and flattening of the BBL scars.


Avoid Strenuous Exercise

Following any type of surgical procedures, it is not a good idea to participate in any strenuous exercise or vigorous activities. Your body has undergone changes that need time to heal and in the case of body fat repositioning, the cells need time to adapt and adhere to their new location so that they can form into a natural looking placement.

Eat A High Protein Diet

A proper diet is necessary to help facilitate your body’s recovery from your brazilian butt lift. It’s important to include a healthy portion of protein with each meal of a proper diet. Opting for sources such as chicken, fish, beef, or eggs after BBL surgery is important to fuel your bodies healing process.

If you follow a vegetarian or plant-based diet, consider incorporating items like Greek yogurt, nuts, soy foods, and beans into your meals.

Pain Management After BBL Surgery

Plastic surgeons may give you prescribed medications to assist in managing discomfort. Always remember that you should refrain from driving while on prescription pain medication.

Once you have completed the prescribed medication, you can transition to over-the-counter pain relievers like Tylenol to address any lingering discomfort. Always consult with your surgeon during follow up appointments before taking any medication they have not prescribed.

bbl scarsBBL Recovery After a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

A significant aspect of the healing process after a fat transfer to the buttocks is the restrictions on sitting and sleeping positions. Many patients believe that the use of a donut shaped pillow will be acceptable, but this is not a good choice as the pressure of the pillow is in the area where the fat was injected.

It is crucial for Brazilian Butt Lift patients to avoid direct pressure on the buttocks for several weeks post procedure. You will not be able to sit comfortably for at least two weeks.

This precautionary measure allows the newly transferred fat cells the optimal opportunity to establish proper circulation of blood flow, settle into place correctly, and ultimately ensure their survival for the desired enhancement outcome.

The Importance of BBL Compression Garments

Wearing compression garments is an important part of recovering after a Brazilian butt lift (BBL). These garments aid in your comfort and in minimizing swelling as they help promote proper circulation of the blood supply to the areas where the fat grafting process targeted.

Improved blood flow will help the cells take to their new location and lessen the chances of BBL fibrosis or fat necrosis. BBL patients don’t normally wear their bbl compression garment longer than 6 weeks.

Questions and Answers

Will I have loose skin following my bbl surgery?

Most factors of loose skin cannot be directly addressed during a bbl surgery. However, the liposuction part of the procedure does not cause loose skin. The skin elasticity is more attributed to a chemical imbalance of the skin related to collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

When can I return to work after my BBL procedure?

The majority of patients can resume work within 1-2 weeks following their Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. However, individuals with jobs involving physical activity or extended periods of sitting may require additional time off.

How long does it take for BBL scars to heal?

The healing process for your Brazilian Butt Lift scars typically begins within 1 to 2 weeks after surgery. As the months progress, you’ll observe a gradual fading of the scars. For most individuals, these scars become significantly less noticeable over a period of 1 to 2 years.

When will I see final results after my Brazilian butt lift?

The final results of a BBL surgery are usually noticeable between 3-6 months post-surgery. The outcomes of the liposuctioned areas will become visible within 6-12 weeks. Depending on the absorption speed of the fat grafts by your body, your backside might initially appear larger than anticipated for several weeks.

Who long will my BBL last?

Many patients want to know Are Brazilian Butt Lift Results Permanent?, but the outcomes of a Brazilian Butt Lift are semi-permanent. They are expected to last for several years and may even last for over a decade without the need for additional treatments.

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