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Smart Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Tips

By Dr. Charles J. Galanis

brazilian butt lift recovery.

Well, it looks like you’re close to finally getting the body contouring you’ve always wanted. Choosing to have your buttock augmentation or Brazilian Butt Lift at Galanis Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills is an amazing choice.

It was not that long ago that you were wondering What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift? Now you’re here looking for the most important Brazilian butt lift recovery tips and we are ready to set you up with those.  Here are some great bbl recovery tips to prepare you for a flawless recovery period.

How a BBL Procedure Works

Just to refresh your memory a bit, let’s quickly go over how the Brazilian butt lift is performed. A Brazilian Butt Lift entails three fundamental steps:

First, fat cells are extracted from the BBL patient from areas like the hips, lower back, thighs, abdomen, or other regions of the lower body through liposuction.

Next, the harvested fat undergoes a purification process and is prepared for fat transfer by an experienced plastic surgeon.

Finally, the cosmetic surgeon injects the purified fat grafts into specific points on the buttocks to augment volume and enhance shape.

How long is the BBL recovery timeline

Just like that, your Brazilian buttock lift is finished, and you are ready to head back to the comfort of your own home and begin your first bbl recovery week. An initial recovery period for Brazilian butt lifts of 3-4 weeks are completely normal.

Remember, no heavy lifting, no smoking, and no drinking alcohol to maintain your physical health and well being as you head towards awesome final results.

Some of the most important recovery tips for your post surgical recovery include the wearing of compression garments, the need to avoid sitting, maintaining a stable weight and healthy diet, and the extreme need to learn how to sleep. We will discuss these in a little more detail below.

It’s important to have realistic expectations while beginning your recovery from BBL surgery. Since we are all unique individuals, we all won’t be completely healed at the exact same time.

During these early stages of recovery most patients will be experiencing some bruising or swelling in the regions of their body that were used for removing fat.

As you progress into the third and fourth weeks post-Brazilian Butt Lift, you can expect a notable improvement in your overall well-being. Your initial pain and discomfort will have mostly subsided, however you might still be experiencing some residual swelling which should gradually diminish week by week.

How To Sleep After Your Brazilian Butt Lift

Solid sleep is a crucial element of any post-surgical recovery and it will take some consideration prior to undergoing your Brazilian butt lift procedure. Sleep will help your mental clarity and contribute to an overall shorter recovery period.

Patients are typically advised to sleep on their stomachs during the first few weeks after their surgical procedure and continue to do so until they receive clearance from their plastic surgeon. Some patients may need to sleep on their side with a pillow between the knees to maintain a balance and support for the legs.

Patients must take precautions not to roll over on their back throughout the night. Sleeping on your back can put too much pressure on the newly transferred fat cells and possibly effect the ability for the fat grafting to take hold and become permanent.

There are specialized pillows that can be purchased to help BBL patients find comfortable positions and relieve pressure from the areas of grafted fat.

Taking pain medication can enhance your comfort level and contribute to a better night’s sleep. It is essential to consult with your doctor to determine the most suitable medication for your specific needs.

bbl recoveryHow To Sit During the BBL Recovery Process

It’s advisable to avoid sitting for approximately two to three weeks following Brazilian butt lift procedures. Although this might seem like an extended period, the allotted recovery time is crucial for facilitating the most effective fat grafting. Sitting on your buttocks can also decrease the blood circulation to the new fat cells which could effect a full recovery.

While some patients may resume sitting after just two weeks, most board certified plastic surgeons recommend avoiding sitting for around four to six weeks post-surgery.

There are various ways to sit without direct pressure on your buttocks. Although some of these positions may seem strange, it’s important to decrease discomfort over any self consciousness.

You could try using a cushion under your thighs or strategically placing towel rolls under your knees and along your back to keep your buttocks elevated.

Experimenting with different seating positions is essential to finding the most comfortable way to relax without putting unnecessary strain on your areas of injected fat during Brazilian Butt Lift recovery.

Maintain Stable Weight And Consume A Healthy Diet

Controlling you weight is crucial to preserving the integrity of your Brazilian butt lift surgery results. Consuming nutritious foods during your recovery process provides your body with the necessary fuel for a smoother healing process.

Incorporate healthy fats, such as those found in fish, coconuts, and avocados, as well as plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and complex carbohydrates into your diet.

These foods are rich sources of essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to the optimal functioning of your body. Staying well-hydrated is also super important, as water and other fluids supply your body with essential electrolytes, salt, and minerals.

Wear Your Compression Garment

Wearing a compression garment is a vital aspect to take into account during the recovery process. These compression garments play a crucial role to minimize swelling, enhance blood circulation which can decrease the chance of blood clots, and provide support to the buttocks and surrounding areas.

This support can contribute to the overall healing process and optimize the outcome of your Brazilian butt lift recovery. The use of compression garments is indispensable for a successful BBL recovery. Not only will they minimize swelling and fluid retention, but they offer comfort while ensuring optimal contouring results.

It is recommended to wear the garment for a period ranging from three to six weeks post-surgery, with some patients potentially requiring at least eight weeks of use during their recovery process.

Questions and Answers

How painful is BBL recovery?

Pain after a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is subjective, and varies significantly among patients. While most patients may describe mild discomfort, others may report higher levels of pain. During the initial week of recovery, patients normally deal with bruising, reduced sensation, soreness, and swelling at the treatment sites.

How Long Do BBL Final Results Last?

Everything is usually back to normal for most patients between 3-6 months. The BBL results can last several years and sometimes 10-15 years if you treated yourself good and respected the healing process.

What are the risks of BBL surgery?

The most concerning risk during a BBL procedure is the low risk of a fat embolism. This can occur if fat enters the blood vessels and travels to the brain or into your lungs. Other risks can include numbness, infections, bleeding, side effects of general anesthesia, or Brazilian butt lift scars.

How soon can you walk after a BBL?

It’s great to get up and walk around the house when you feel up to it to get your own blood supply moving and help to increase the flow of oxygen into the incision areas to promote quicker recovery time.

How many hours is a BBL surgery?

A Brazilian butt lift surgery will usually last between 2 and 4 hours.

What is more painful tummy tuck or BBL?

A tummy tuck is a more invasive procedure compared to liposuction, which can result in increased pain and discomfort. These effects can be effectively managed with painkillers prescribed by your plastic surgeon.


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