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InMode Evolve Beverly Hills

InMode Evolve Beverly Hills

InMode Evolve

Your body is a work of art, but sometimes, regardless of how hard you try, you just can’t get it right. A roll here, a bulge there, or a lump somewhere else stands between you and perfection. Until now, that is. At Galanis Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, CA, we recommend Evolve by Inmode to anyone who wants to tighten skin and trim fat.
It can be used on a number of areas, from the abdomen and buttocks to the knees and thighs. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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What Is Evolve by Inmode?

Every day, people struggle against fat that clings to certain areas. If you have tried, without success, to lose bulges or loose skin on your love handles, buttocks, or belly, you’re not alone. No longer do you need to struggle in vain – noninvasive body contouring can help.

InMode Evolve is a hands-free body sculpting system that uses radiofrequency (RF) waves to tighten skin and destroy fat cells. This technology also reduces the appearance of cellulite and texture irregularities. Many times, losing weight causes skin to dimple or pucker, but Evolve takes care of this by providing a naturally firm and buffed look as if you’ve just stepped out of the spa.

Evolve Tite

Evolve Tite is a component of the Evolve system and is designed for patients who want to target wobbly or loose areas of their bodies. As a skin tightening and tissue remodeling treatment, it relies on RF energy delivered in a controlled manner to specific spots – the arms, for instance. That energy heats sub-dermal skin layers and stimulates the body’s internal regenerative responses.

In terms of skin, those responses center around the production of new collagen. This is beneficial in multiple ways; new collagen complements that which has grown weak and also pushes out old, deteriorated collagen to lift and plump skin. Externally, you see a smoother, tighter canvas ready for the world to admire. Additional benefits include:

  • Toned and tightened skin
  • Less cellulite
  • Fresher, brighter skin
  • A smoother and softer surface

Evolve Trim

This component of the Evolve system reduces fat and cellulite without the need for surgery. Evolve Trim is ideal for treating large body areas, including the buttocks, thighs, hips, flanks, arms, and abs, where fat often takes hold and doesn’t let go. By applying RF energy that penetrates deep into levels of subcutaneous tissue, treatment gradually kills adipose skin cells. These store energy in the form of fat, accounting for up to 25% of total body weight in healthy individuals.

Fat cells increase and decrease in size as we gain and lose weight. The body is designed to work in this manner, but it’s also designed to stubbornly hold fat in case food becomes scarce and energy reserves must be used. This survival mechanism explains why even slim people can grapple with stomach bulges or underarm wobbles. But it also means losing fat in these areas is that much more difficult. Evolve goes one step further and actually kills targeted fat cells. This means you lose those fat pockets for good. Additional benefits include:

  • No incisions that require healing or can leave behind scars
  • Skin that looks tightened, toned, and lifted
  • Rapid treatment sessions that last just 30 minutes

Evolve Tone

Evolve Tone is a component of the Evolve System and is designed to increase muscle strength and enhance your body’s tone and shape. It is a non-surgical option that works by sending EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) to stimulate muscle contractions.  This treatment targets specific muscle groups to increase muscle strength and refine the look of muscles to help keep your body lean and toned. Exercise can help with fat loss or stimulate muscle hypertrophy, but it cannot improve your tone the way that Evolve Tone is designed to. Additional Benefits include:

  • Compatible with all skin types
  • Can target almost any area of the body
  • Treatment is quick
  • No downtime needed

Inmode Evolve Tite

How It Works

The body reshaping provided by Evolve Tite is based on proprietary Acquire, Control, and Extend (A.C.E.) technology. A.C.E. reaches below the skin’s surface, into underlying tissues where true remodeling takes place. It also ensures no areas are under-or over-treated to provide consistent, optimal results.

Essentially, this means one treated area won’t look firmer or smoother than another. You’ll enjoy total-body sculpting in all spots where treatment is administered.

The InMode Evolve system further ensures this with eight hands-free applicators arranged to deliver uniform heat across the treatment zone. As skin’s elasticity improves, natural contours are also restored for a firmer, tighter appearance.

All the Details

This therapy is both non-surgical and non-invasive, as we’ve already mentioned. It’s also quick and comfortable and requires zero downtime. And because multiple areas can be simultaneously treated, it’s safe to say this therapy is also convenient.

As for the number of sessions you’ll need, that depends on the areas we’re treating and the severity of each. Most patients achieve their desired results after six treatments, each performed weekly.

This is one of only a few treatments that can be safely continued without taking a break. Each session lasts just 30 to 60 minutes, meaning you can quickly get on with your day.

Permanent Results

One of the most noteworthy features of this system is its results: they’re permanent. Your body will, however, continue to age from the baseline you achieve post-treatment.

Many patients, therefore, choose to undergo maintenance sessions yearly or every other year. We can discuss this during your consultation to identify a maintenance schedule appropriate for your needs.

Inmode Evolve Trim

How It Works

Evolve Trim combines three different tools to remove fat and tighten skin:

  • RF energy, which helps skin look younger and also destroys fat cells
  • Energy pulses that reach deep into skin’s tissues for transformative remodeling
  • Gentle suction that helps RF energy penetrate the skin to provide your best results

This treatment uses six hands-free paddles placed on the targeted zone. RF energy then distributes heat through your skin and into underlying fat cells. Once the targeted tissues reach temperatures around 110 degrees F, a controlled high-voltage energy pulse is emitted to destroy local fat cells. Keep in mind that throughout this process, surrounding tissues remain unharmed.

Collagen Synthesis

The heating effect does more than kill fat cells; it also prompts collagen synthesis, an important component of this overall treatment. Collagen strengthens your skin and tightens the fibrous tissues responsible for causing cellulite. Meanwhile, the energy pulses and suction action work in tandem to sculpt and contour your body.

This is a much more precise approach than diet and exercise alone. Collagen also prompts the production of elastin and hyaluronic acid (HA). Together, these three ingredients contribute to healthy, supple, and smooth skin.

They exist naturally within the body, but levels drop with age. By restoring adequate levels of each, we do more than camouflage the concerns associated with aging skin; we address the root cause so your body looks markedly firmer and younger.

Inmode Evolve Tone

How Evolve by Inmode Works

Evolve Tone uses four hands-free applicators that are placed on the body with straps holding them in place.

The applicators deliver the electrical muscle stimulation to induce involuntary muscle contractions in the treatment areas. These electrical stimulations create thousands of muscle contractions in a 30-minute session. These electrical muscle stimulations (EMS) create involuntary muscle contractions.

Up to four applicators target specific muscle groups at once to increase muscle strength and refine the look of muscles.

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What to Expect with Inmode Evolve

We’ll design a personalized treatment plan during your consultation appointment. This is also the time to ask any questions you have. On the day of your appointment, we’ll place the InMode Evolve applicator on the desired area(s).

Keep in mind this system can contour your body from head to toe, including the legs, abdomen, and arms. We may also treat multiple areas at once. Once the applicator is turned on, it will deliver both RF and electromagnetic energy through the skin. Many patients compare the sensation to a hot stone massage, meaning it’s quite comfortable.

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Evolve by Inmode Results

Some clients see improvements to their natural contours after just one treatment. It’s more likely, however, that you’ll notice a gradual improvement in fat reduction and skin tightening. It takes the body around a week to amplify collagen production and several more to respond to the death of fat cells. Don’t worry – cellular death occurs every second within the human body. As adipose cells die, your lymphatic system will eliminate and clean the destroyed fragments.

This happens below the surface, while externally you’ll see new curves and an overall leaner appearance emerge. Skin tightening may take a little longer to present. Now is the perfect time to point out that as with Evolve Tite, the effects of Evolve Trim are permanent. Fat cells do not regenerate once they’re destroyed.

Inmode Eolve Before and After

Contact Galanis Plastic Surgery to see before and after photos of Inmode Evolve results.

InMode Evolve FAQ

Are treatments personalized?

The ability to customize your body contouring plan is a hallmark of this treatment. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach; where fat loss and skin tightening are concerned, each patient has his or her unique desires in addition to unique concerns. We address these individually to provide the best results for you.

Does treatment hurt?

This is a completely pain-free therapy that runs so smoothly, some patients schedule sessions during their lunch hours. We can also make adjustments at any time during your treatment to ensure you stay as comfortable as possible.

Is treatment safe?

Many body contouring treatments exist on the market today, but none can meet the safety profile of InMode Evolve. To illustrate, it is equipped with a patient call button that alerts us if you need to pause treatment at any time. This also allows us to make the adjustments we mentioned just a few moments ago.

The system additionally features built-in, real-time sensors with an audio indicator that activates once we’ve achieved the optimal temperature. This provides valuable feedback during the treatment process so we know how you’re doing. A screen likewise allows us to see the thermal effect at any point during treatment. In short, multiple tools allow us to provide the safest and most comfortable treatment possible.

What about pre and post-treatment care?

This therapy is very straightforward, but you should follow some recommended care guidelines prior to your session. These include the following:

  • Stop taking oral medications formulated with AHAs or retinol seven days beforehand
  • Delay laser therapies until your treatment plan is complete
  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Keep your skin clean of makeup, lotions, and serums the day of your appointment

After your session, we recommend you keep your skin hydrated with a thick moisturizer. If you need help choosing one, ask our staff for assistance. Also, stay hydrated from within by drinking plenty of water. It’s additionally helpful to reduce alcohol intake before and after treatments.

Will I lose weight?

Body sculpting is different from traditional weight loss. The purpose is to shrink areas of stubborn fat to reshape your body for a more svelte appearance.

It relies on targeted application, whereas weight loss occurs throughout the body. It’s nearly impossible to identify from what spot your body will burn fat, which makes shedding lumps and bumps from specific areas equally impossible.
InMode Evolve eliminates the guesswork and kills fat cells right where we place the applicators.

Who is this right for?

Body contouring is designed for patients who have tried to eliminate troublesome fat spots with diet and exercise. When these spots continue to evade your efforts after several weeks, it’s time to ask for help. But keep in mind this is a fat loss tool, not a weight loss solution. You should therefore be close to your ideal weight before starting treatment.

You should also have a healthy routine established that includes wholesome, nutritious foods and exercise. Great candidates are those in good health with a stable weight and a BMI of 30 or lower. If you’re still trying to lose weight, we’ll likely recommend you delay treatment until you’re closer to your goal.

Evolve by Inmode Cost in Beverly Hills

Evolve by InMode is a comprehensive platform that combines several technologies into one system for skin remodeling, adipose tissue targeting, and muscle toning. Session prices Vary. Contact us to schedule your consultation.

The Finishing Touch

InMode Evolve can provide that extra nudge you need to achieve a slimmer and trimmer appearance. It’s easy, non-invasive, tightens skin, eliminates unwanted fat, and provides permanent results. Now, the only missing element is you.

Do you have any questions or would you like a personal consultation?

If you would like to learn more about a InMode Evolve please fill out our contact form and we will be happy to assist you! Alternatively, you can call to schedule a consultation to see Dr. Galanis in Beverly Hills at (310) 858-8930.

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