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These drugs are made from a neurotoxin known as Botulinum toxin. They temporarily paralyze or weaken muscles. Many of the lines and wrinkles on our faces form after years of facial muscular contraction. These include lines on the forehead, the space between the eyebrows (the glabella), and around the eyes and mouth. By selectively weakening or paralyzing some of these muscles, we can soften, prevent, or eliminate these wrinkles to give patients a more youthful, refreshed appearance. The true art of BOTOX® Cosmetic administration, however, lies in the ability to give the face a younger appearance without sacrificing the patient’s ability to communicate through facial expression.


Neuromodulators are wrinkle-relaxing injectables that address aging at the source by relaxing the underlying muscles below those expression lines that are responsible for their formation. Frowning, squinting, smiling, and eyebrow-raising are all muscular movements that we partake in daily to express different emotions. However, as you age, your skin’s underlying structure weakens, and expression lines become etched into the skin and don’t disappear when your face is at rest.

Neuromodulators relax the muscles by blocking the communication between the brain, nerve signals, and muscles so that they don’t contract. Both of these cosmetic injectables provide patients with an effective way to target dynamic wrinkles on the upper half of the face by relaxing dynamic muscles. In doing so, these injectables will smooth existing lines and wrinkles while preventing the deepening or formation of new ones.

The Treatment Process

The treatment process for administering both of these injectables is nearly identical. A small dosage of these neurotoxins will effectively relax the muscles and prevent exaggerated and extreme expressions without inhibiting your ability to express. As the injectable ingredients set in, your skin will begin to take on a smoother and more youthful appearance.

A series of injections will be administered to the muscles responsible for creating expression lines in your area of concern during the treatment process. The injections are quick and virtually painless, and once the treatment is complete, you can go about your day and resume your normal daily activities.

What to Expect Post-Treatment

While you won’t see an immediate change in the appearance of your expression lines overnight, you will see results. It takes approximately five to seven days for the full effect of these injectables to become noticeable. Some patients begin to see an improvement in their problem areas within two to three days of their initial treatment. Still, on average, it takes approximately one week to notice smoother and more youthful-looking skin.

Your Results

Once you experience your final results, you can expect them to last anywhere between three and six months. Some patients are slow metabolizers and will enjoy the results longer simply because their body takes longer to break down the ingredients in the injectable.

Other patients are quick or average rate metabolizers and will enjoy their results for three to four months. Follow-up treatments are necessary as soon as you notice a change in your results so that you can maintain a wrinkle-free appearance long-term.


Who Is A Candidate

The best candidates for Botox and disport are men and women who want to play some temporary solution to treat their lines and wrinkles. Pregnant and nursing women should avoid treatment until they get the approval of their obstetrician or primary care provider.

The best way to determine if Botox and disport are right for you is by scheduling a consultation at our office with one of our expert injectors. We will review your health history, confirm that please injectables are safe and effective options that will help me chores that it goes.

  • A healthy patient who is displeased with or wishes to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face including wrinkles seen on the:


Glabella (between the eyebrows)

Nose (“bunny lines”)


Beside the eyes
(“Crow’s feet”)

Around the mouth

  • A healthy patient who seeks treatment for excess underarm sweat.


These drugs are administered in the office setting with a small needle. Numbing cream may be applied before injecting. The amount injected varies based on the patient’s previous experience (if any) as well as based on the number of areas requiring treatment.


  • Outpatient procedure requiring 15-20 minutes
  • Result: 1-2 days (dysport?) or 4-7 days (botox? cosmetic); bruising is rare; the effect should last 3-6 months
  • Pain: minimal; some patients experience a slight headaches for 1-2 days following treatment
  • Activity/shower/driving restriction: no strenuous activity or alcohol consumption for 24 hours
  • Time off work: may return to work immediately
  • Follow-up: you will be seen in office 2 weeks following treatment to assess result and any need for “touch-up” work.


Botox and Dysport have both been studied and proven to be safe and effective cosmetic injectables that can effectively smooth lines and wrinkles temporarily. Both contain the same primary ingredient, botulinum toxin A, and have helped millions of patients achieve their aesthetic goals in quick and virtually painless treatments.

These neurotoxins effectively smooth wrinkles, but the final results are only as good as the injector administering the products. At Galanis Plastic Surgery, you can trust that when you choose our office, your face will be treated by a skilled injector who will use a light hand when administering either of these products to help you achieve subtle and natural-looking results.

Post-treatment, you will look like yourself, just a younger and well-rested version. You won’t look frozen or unnatural but can enjoy smoother skin that radiates the glow of youth and vitality.

Botox and Dysport deliver long-lasting results, but those results are temporary. If at any point you need to stop treatment temporarily, as many pregnant and nursing women do, your face will simply return to its pre-injection state. Your wrinkles will not appear worse once you stop treatment but instead, they may appear softer than they did before you began a consistent routine with one of these injectables.

One of the many benefits of treatment with either of these injectables is that you can stop and resume treatment as needed without causing any type of adverse reaction.

Choosing the Right Neuromodulator

Both Dysport and Botox can help patients achieve their aesthetic goals, but some patients will be better suited for one over the other. Choosing the right neuromodulator takes place during your consultation; it helps us learn more about you, your concerns, and then finally, create the right treatment plan with one of these neuromodulators so that you can achieve the best results possible.

Sometimes patients can achieve their goals and achieve the best outcome by alternating between these two injectables; others benefit from using one over the other. Both are effective injectables, and we will choose the right one to meet your needs.

Smooth Away Expression Lines

Both of these neuromodulators can help you achieve some beautiful results. If you’re looking for a minimally invasive, non-surgical way to smooth expression lines and restore the skin of your youth, you can do just that by beginning a treatment plan with one of these effective injectables. When you begin a routine with one of these injectables, you will take the step to improve your appearance and invest in yourself and your confidence.

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