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What Are the Benefits of Plastic Surgery?

By Dr. Charles J. Galanis

What Are the Benefits of Plastic Surgery

In some ways, plastic surgery has the habit of getting a bad rap. To a layperson who’s never undergone a procedure, for example, this area of medicine might be associated with vanity or being superficial.

In truth, however, when we zoom out, plastic surgery is simply a way for people to improve the quality of their lives overall. This can be through physical improvements, and it can also be through mental and emotional improvements.

Every day, plastic surgeons help people to correct physical issues they’ve had as the result of an injury or due to a congenital abnormality. Every day, surgeons give a confidence boost to patients who have gone through the hard work of losing weight or who have had a baby and just want to feel “like themselves” again.

It’s okay to simply want to improve your breast size or your nose shape too. Often, this is just the thing that can help patients improve their day-to-day lives in general.

The confidence boost that plastic surgery in Beverly Hills can provide may alone help patients to take better care of themselves, socialize more, eat healthier and start exercising, find a lasting relationship, go back to school, or take a leap in business. Whatever your goals are for plastic surgery, as long as they do not compromise your physical or mental wellbeing, they are valid, and plastic surgeons are here to help.

Below, we’ve outlined 10 of the most important benefits that plastic surgery can provide.

What Are the Plastic Surgery Benefits?

The physical and mental health benefits of some of the top cosmetic surgery procedures are numerous. Let’s go over each one in more detail.

1. Physical restoration following an injuryBenefits And Risks Of Plastic Surgery

One of the main plastic surgery benifits is restoring and reconstructing damaged tissue and skin following an accident. Traumatic injuries, burns, and other damaging incidents can cause physical pain and discomfort. They can also cause mental anguish and self-consciousness, which restorative plastic surgery can improve.

2. Correction of physical abnormalities

Plastic surgery can also address congenital defects or deformities, such as cleft lips or cleft palates. Patients who have these issues can get plastic surgery to restore normal function and appearance to their faces and bodies.

3. Improved day-to-day comfort

Many who have never experienced daily discomfort do not realize how debilitating it can be. Many plastic surgery procedures can help with these issues — for example, breast reduction to alleviate back pain, body contouring to relieve the challenges of having excess sagging skin, or rhinoplasty (nose surgery) to improve breathing.

4. Scar revision

While we unfortunately cannot make scars fully disappear, those that have resulted from past surgeries, injuries and accidents, or medical issues can all be improved with the help of cosmetic surgery procedures.

5. Improved breathing

Rhinoplasty can not only help improve the appearance of the nose, but it can also help correct breathing issues, such as having a deviated septum.

6. Correction of asymmetries

Many people actually have natural asymmetries in their faces or on their bodies, but it’s also not uncommon to have asymmetries in facial features after an accident or uneven breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding, for example. Cosmetic surgeries can help create a more balanced and harmonious appearance.

7. Assistance for weight loss patients

Patients who have worked hard to lose a significant amount of weight often undergo plastic surgery after they have attained their goal weight in order to take care of loose skin and contour their bodies more.

The Benefits Of Plastic Surgery8. Enhanced confidence boost for hard-working mothers

After having children, many women struggle with their self esteem because of loose abdominal skin, stretch marks, sagging breasts, and pockets of excess fat. A mommy makeover includes a range of cosmetic procedures that can help with these issues.

9. Improved confidence in aging

It’s easy to feel discouraged about the process of aging, but cosmetic plastic surgery is a great way to boost your confidence as you get older. A cosmetic surgeon can help you overcome issues like excess skin, wrinkles, skin laxity, unwanted fat, and more.

10. Improved Mental Health

Lastly, many patients can get a boost in their confidence and self esteem with plastic surgery. Feeling confident in one’s own appearance can then improve other areas of life, such as relationships with friends and family, romantic relationships, work, and physical health.

As a side note, it’s important to point out that naturally, cosmetic surgery is not a “fix-all” for life’s problems. Anyone struggling with body dysmorphic disorder or a similar mental health challenge should seek professional help with a mental health professional.

FAQ: Plastic Surgery Benefits

What’s the difference between plastic/cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery?

Generally speaking, plastic and reconstructive surgery are two different types of surgery. Reconstructive plastic surgery aims to restore function or form to a person’s body. These surgeries are “medically necessary”.

Plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures are surgical procedures that are purely elective and not medically necessary. Cosmetic surgery enhances appearance and improves aesthetics.

Does plastic surgery improve your life?

It certainly can! While it’s always important to have realistic expectations and to know that plastic surgery improvements alone should not be what your life quality rests on, improving your appearance and how your body moves and works can certainly have a positive effect on your life.

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