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By Dr. Charles J. Galanis

I had battled with large, sagging breasts since as far as I can remember. At 38 years old I decided enough was enough and I was finally going to do something about it. I was referred to Dr. Galanis. What a blessing that proved to be. His bedside manner was amazing and on our first meeting I already felt very comfortable with him as a person and a surgeon. It’s a very uneasy thing to do to have someone deal with something you have not liked about yourself for a very long time, but he made it seem as if I was his only care in the world and he would help fix my problem Not only did he spend time going over all of my options with me, he took the time to answer all of the questions I had in my little notebook. We went over realistic outcomes, risks of surgery and what to expect for recovery. I felt very informed about what to expect and was confident in his abilities. My surgery went great and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I only wish I had met him earlier in my life and had this done a long time ago!

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