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What to Look For in a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeon

By Dr. Charles J. Galanis

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeon

Looking for the best Brazilian butt lift surgeon in your area?

Many patients who have internally decided they want to undergo Brazilian butt lift Beverly Hills surgery find it challenging to locate a great surgeon for the job. They’re not sure who to go with, where to look for recommendations, or how to know if the surgeon they are considering is right for them.

Let us start by saying there is no “perfect plastic surgeon”. The “best surgeon for a Brazilian butt lift” does not actually exist.

Instead, there are many highly qualified, highly skilled plastic surgeons in the United States and around the world who can perform Brazilian butt lift procedures very well. Your goal should be to find one of these excellent surgeons, ideally in your area.

In the following article, we’ll be outlining some tips for finding a great surgeon for your BBL. Again, there is no “perfect” surgeon. But we can certainly help you find a top-notch professional with a proven record of excellence who you feel comfortable and confident with.

Tips For Finding The Best Surgeon For A Brazilian Butt Lift

#1 – Only choose a board certified cosmetic surgeon.

Board certification means that a plastic surgeon has gone through extensive training and education. In reality, any surgeon can say that they perform plastic surgeries such as a tummy tuck, breast augmentations, Brazilian butt lift surgery, etc. But not every surgeon has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

When you are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, you must perform many hours of hands-on training and education, and then you must pass a rigorous oral exam and a very difficult written exam.

Having a board certified surgeon perform your surgery ensures you are in the best possible hands. Not only do they have extensive experience performing all types of cosmetic surgeries, but they are well-trained for emergency situations and unexpected events that may occur during an operation.

#2 – Assure they have extensive experience with a range of BBL patients.Best BBL Surgeon In Beverly Hills

Some cosmetic surgeons will say that they perform the surgery Brazilian butt lift, but they don’t actually do this surgical procedure that often. You want to make sure that the surgeon you’re working with has recent and consistent BBL experience.

For example, you might ask them at your consultation appointment how many Brazilian butt lifts they perform every week. You should choose a surgeon that performs BBLs regularly.

In addition, make sure that they have a range of experience with this surgery. They should have past patients who wanted just a small augmentation as well as patients who asked for large changes in the width of their hips and projection of their buttocks.

#3 – Be sure you’re happy with their past results.

Anyone who’s searched online for a plastic surgeon has certainly looked at before and after pictures. If you’re hoping to undergo a brazilian butt lift procedure, you should definitely check out the BBL before and after galleries of the surgeons you’re considering working with.

This is the perfect place to see the past work of these surgeons. You want to specifically look for results you would be happy with yourself. It’s best if you can find patients who look like you and who have a similar body type as you in their before pictures. Be sure to read the descriptions to see what each patient wanted and then, what they got as their results.

If a plastic surgeon does not have a BBL before and after gallery, this may be a red flag. Some surgeons will only show before and after pictures in-office, but this is usually only for surgeries that are difficult to show photos of online, such as labiaplasty or facial procedures like rhinoplasty, which clearly show a person’s identity.

#4 – Meet with them to build a rapport.

Lastly, consultation appointments are important prior to undergoing surgery for numerous reasons. One of these reasons is so that you can get to know your surgeon and make sure that you have a good rapport with them.

Naturally, not every great plastic surgeon is going to have the personality of your best friend. But you do want to feel comfortable with them, and they should have a good bedside manner.

Be sure to bring any questions you have to your consultation appointment, and don’t hesitate to ask them. You should receive fully thought out responses, and they should never make you feel uncomfortable or like you can’t ask about something.

FAQ: BBL Surgery & BBL Surgeons

Best BBL Surgeon Near MeHow much does a Brazilian buttock lift cost?

Brazilian butt lift cost varies from surgeon to surgeon and location to location. Ask about BBL cost at your initial appointment with your surgeon. Financing options are often available to qualifying patients.

What is BBL recovery like?

Brazilian butt lift recovery does require some specific instructions. Fat transfer patients will need to refrain from sitting or laying on their buttocks for long periods of time so that the newly injected fat cells can survive and settle properly.

Likewise, you will have a bit of swelling, bruising, and soreness after any type of cosmetic surgery, including Brazilian butt lift BBL procedures and buttock implants. Be sure to follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully.

How much fat is enough fat for a BBL?

While you do need to have a certain amount of unwanted fat cells in order to achieve your desired Brazilian butt lift surgery results, most patients will qualify. Just keep in mind that if you have only a modest amount of excess fat cells, the augmentation of your buttocks and hips will be modest too.

Book Your BBL Consultation Appointment

Is a Brazilian butt lift procedure right for you? If you would like to enhance your buttocks and hips and also have excess fat on your abdomen or elsewhere, a BBL may be just what you’re looking for.

Fat transfer procedures are growing in popularity and can be super effective when resculpting the body and creating a more curvaceous overall figure. The transferred fat cells add an attractive amount of fullness to the buttocks while slimming the waistline — a much preferred outcome when compared to traditional butt implants.

To learn more about buttock augmentation with fat grafting, please contact us today and schedule a consultation appointment with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Charles Galanis. We look forward to hearing from you.



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