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Understanding Mommy Makeover Recovery Time

By Dr. Charles J. Galanis

mommy makeover recovery time

Following the birth of their children, many women are anxious to return to their pre pregnancy appearance. Several weeks or months after giving birth, and after having made the decision to not have anymore children, most women notice that the effects of a healthy diet and exercise are not quite enough to reach their personal goals and body contours.

A Beverly Hills mommy makeover is an extensive procedure that involves a tailored combination of multiple procedures bundled together into a single, comprehensive cosmetic procedure. Common surgeries that plastic surgeons combine include breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, liposuction, and a tummy tuck.

While the mommy makeover recovery time for these procedures combined may seem long, there is a clear reduction of recovery time with the procedures being performed together rather than individually.

Here are a few more things to consider when it comes to making the decision of how you could benefit physically and mentally from mommy makeover surgery.

Is a Mommy Makeover Right for You?

Deciding if a mommy makeover would benefit you depends on several factors. Generally, good candidates are those who have completed their family planning, are in good health overall, and have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the procedures included.

To assess if the timing is right for a mommy makeover procedure, consider factors such as the stability of your weight, completion of breastfeeding, and having the necessary time for recovery.

It’s crucial to consult with a qualified surgeon who can evaluate your specific circumstances and help determine if you are an appropriate candidate for a mommy makeover package at this particular time in your life.

How Long Does Recovery Take After a Mommy Makeover?

Due to the personalization of a mommy makeover surgery, the recovery time for mommy makeover patients varies depending on the specific procedures selected. A common approach involves planning for about two weeks away from work for rest and recovery at home. It is advisable to arrange for assistance from another adult during this period, as heavy lifting, including caring for small children, should be avoided to help the body’s healing process.

The typical recovery period for mommy makeovers is approximately six weeks, but this is a general estimate. Given the customized nature of each mommy makeover, the actual recovery time varies based on the specific procedures involved. Factors such as a tummy tuck, breast lift, breast augmentation, or liposuction contribute to the overall duration of the makeover recovery period.

Mommy makeover recovery timeline

Here is a very generalized timeline to help with mommy makeover results and to put recovery time from mommy makeover procedures into perspective for the first few weeks.

First Week

Following your mommy makeover surgery, you will leave with bandages and compression garments to help minimize swelling as your body heals. Some patients may have drains, which are typically removed within one to two days.

The initial days post-surgery in mommy makeover recovery week one are often considered the most challenging, with heightened pain and discomfort, along with more significant swelling and bruising.

During the early stages, mommy makeover recovery instructions will include avoiding baths, hot tubs, lifting heavy objects, using stairs, or engaging in physically demanding activities. It is crucial to adhere closely to your plastic surgeon’s instructions and diligently follow the prescribed pain medication regimen to support the healing process.

Week Two

The second week of recovery typically marks an improvement from the initial week. If breast surgery was part of the cosmetic surgery, you may experience reduced tightness in your chest. Overall swelling is likely to decrease, and there may be an increased sense of mobility.

Depending on the specific plastic surgery chosen, most patients find themselves getting accustomed to any new sleeping positions that were necessary during this period.

For instance, breast implants may require a specific sleeping position for several weeks, while procedures like liposuction may not be as restrictive. It remains important to adhere to your surgeon’s instructions to heal properly and continue taking prescribed pain medication.

Week Three

By the third week of your mommy makeover recovery, you might be ready to resume work, although some patients may require more time. Adhering to the recovery instructions provided by your surgeon is crucial during this period. Fatigue may persist, and you might still encounter some swelling and bruising, particularly around the abdomen if a tummy tuck was part of the procedure.

Week Four

At this juncture, you should notice a return of energy, accompanied by a notable reduction in swelling. You may feel more at ease venturing out in public and being mobile. While strenuous activities and vigorous exercise are likely still restricted, engaging in short and gentle walks can be beneficial for improving circulation and boosting your mood.

Week Five

As you reach weeks five and six, a sense of readiness to resume normal activities entirely will likely emerge. The reliance on pain medication should decrease during this period. Regular check-ins with Dr. Galanis will help guide you to your gradual return to various physical activities based on your preferences. While the majority of swelling may subside within two to three months, some patients may encounter residual swelling for up to six to 12 months.

recovery time for mommy makeoverMommy makeover recovery tips

Planning Your Mommy Makeover Recovery Time

Make sure that you have arranged for your transportation home following your procedure and that someone close to you will be able to stay over the first night to help with any unexpected situations.

A very important part of your recovery will be preparing your recovery space for meeting your needs while you work towards a full recovery. Doing a little grocery shopping and stocking up on helpful supplies and easy snacks is priceless mommy makeover preparation.

Make sure that you have help around the house for a few weeks to handle the daily housekeeping tasks and to keep the pets fed. It is also important that day care has been arranged well in advance to help with your children and never forget that you can not lift small children even as much as you may want to. Patient safety is a must.

Of course you will want to care for your family after your plastic surgeries, but it is of upmost importance that you get plenty of rest and then more rest for those first couple of weeks. This will boost your body’s recovery rate dramatically and lead to a faster healthy recovery.


Questions and Answers

How long will you be sore after a mommy makeover?

Soreness following a mommy makeover is most intense in the initial days, and by about two weeks, the majority of the pain should subside. Some lingering soreness may persist for a few weeks, varying based on your overall health and the specific procedures included in your makeover.

When Can You Return to Work and Normal Routine After a Mommy Makeover?

Two to Four weeks is the normal range, but it will depend on the most extensive procedure that you had. All patients will experience slightly different recovery rates.

What Are the Most Common Side Effects During Mommy Makeover Recovery?

Bruising and swelling are common outcomes of many surgeries, including those involved in a mommy makeover. Expect to observe these effects in the treated area(s), with the possibility of bruises and swelling occurring in your abdominal region or breasts, depending on the specific components of your mommy makeover.

How Can You Minimize Discomfort and Promote Healing After a Mommy Makeover?

Follow your prescribed pain medication regimen to manage discomfort effectively. Applying cold compresses to the treated areas can help if you experience pain and reduce swelling. Ensure you give yourself ample time to rest. Take at least a week or two off from work and avoid rushing back into your regular routine.

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