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Understanding A Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After

By Dr. Charles J. Galanis

Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After

When considering making changes to our lives, for many people to feel comfortable, they need to be knowledgeable about the situation. Understanding the potential results with detail, regarding the ins and outs of a future where individual results could vary, can be comforting.

The answers will not always be clearly defined on a website or controlled by a disclaimer.  Sometimes that answer needs to be found from within yourself while searching for answers that fit your feelings.

Educating yourself always has to start somewhere, so for those of you who are interested in improving your body contour via cosmetic procedures such as a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL )in Beverly Hills, this is a great place to start having a few of your questions answered.

Let’s explore a little deeper to find out what you can expect from a Brazilian Butt Lift before and after a BBL procedure.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is a cosmetic surgery designed to enhance the curves, roundness, and size of a patients buttocks. Unlike traditional buttock augmentation methods that use implants, a BBL surgery utilizes a fat grafting technique to remove excess fat from a patient, by harvesting it from areas of their body with enough fat through liposuction.

The extracted excess fat is then purified and fat injections are then made into the buttocks area to create a fuller, rounder appearance. This fat grafting technique has been super successful as the transferred fat is your own and can be taken from different areas of your body with excess fat, such as your abdomen flanks or love handles, then positioned into your buttocks area.

A Brazilian Butt Lift not only enhances the buttocks but also contours the surrounding areas, such as the lower back and thighs, waist or abdomen, and hips, resulting in a more proportionate and sculpted silhouette.

The Brazilian Butt Lift has gained popularity for its natural-looking results and its ability to achieve a more youthful fullness and attractive buttock contour, making it a sought-after option for individuals looking to enhance their overall body shape and give themselves a boost of confidence.

How is a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure performed?

When undergoing a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), the patient will go through several steps to achieve more fullness and a more sculpted appearance to their backside. Your brazilian butt lift surgeon will first perform liposuction to harvest fat from donor areas such as the abdomen, thighs, or hips. The extracted fat is then processed and purified to remove excess fluids and damaged cells.

Following the lipo process, Dr. Galanis will meticulously inject the purified fat into specific areas of the buttocks to enhance volume and shape, paying close attention to achieve symmetry and natural contours.

Multiple layers of fat may be strategically injected to ensure and maintain a smooth and uniform result. Throughout the procedure, he’ll use precise techniques to improve the sculpting and shape of the buttocks according to the patient’s desired outcome.

Once the surgical part of the BBL procedure is finished, the patient will be given step by step post-operative care instructions from the friendly staff for optimal recovery results. The entire procedure will be performed under anesthesia in a surgical facility by a qualified professional plastic surgeon.

Brazilian butt lift before and after picturesCan I Combine my BBL with other Cosmetic Procedures?

Many patients will combine cosmetic procedures to enhance their overall appearance with their Brazilian Butt Lift. A few of the typical procedures that work well with a BBL surgery include a mommy makeover, breast augmentation, breast lift, and a tummy tuck procedure.

Combining any of these surgery techniques allows for a more comprehensive transformation of the chest, midsection, and buttocks. You will be able to address both volume and skin laxity concerns simultaneously.

Another advantage of combining multiple procedures into one is the shortening of overall recovery time vs. having procedures performed separately. Of course you would need to set up a consultation with Dr. Galanis to discuss your specific case and learn what would work best for you.

Take a Look at Before and After Pictures

When you do decide to contact our office and set up your initial consultation for a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, you will be able to get a detailed prospective on how your body contouring transition would take place and understand what BBL results that your provider thinks can be achieved.

While you are undergoing your consult, you will be able to view Brazilian Butt Lift before and after pictures of previous male/female patients. As you are examining different pictures, filter cases that directly correlate to your body shape.

If you are a female patient, look for another female patient with similar features as you.  You can use the pictures as a communication tool during your examination. Dr. Galanis will know exactly your aesthetic preferences and discuss which aspects you like and also what you hope to avoid.

You can assess the symmetry, proportions, where you would like to remove excess fat from, and overall aesthetic appeal of the results in the photos to make an informed decision about proceeding with the BBL surgery.

What happens after Brazilian Butt Lift surgery?

Following your Brazilian buttock procedure, there will obviously be some time that is needed to recover after you have returned home. You will be given a set of instructions to follow immediately after surgery and follow up appointments will be scheduled to monitor your BBL results.

In the first few days after Brazilian butt lift surgery, you might experience some discomfort, swelling, bruising, and numbness in the treated regions. Your doctor may prescribe pain medication and antibiotics to alleviate discomfort and minimize infection risks.

You’ll receive Brazilian Butt Lift recovery instructions on how to care for your incision sites and any drains that might have been inserted. It’s important to keep from sitting or lying directly on your buttocks to avoid putting any pressure on the areas of the fat injections. This is extremely vital to allow the newly transferred fat cells to take to the new area after fat transfer.

Your surgeon may recommend using a specialized pillow or cushion to sit on your thighs or lie on your side or stomach for added protection and comfort. It will most likely be necessary to where compression garments as well. These garments can increase blood flow and maintain the shape that your surgeon achieved during the butt lift procedure.

Brazilian Butt Lift FAQ’s

Can I sit down after a buttock lift with fat transfer?

While some patients may find themselves able to sit comfortably after just two weeks, most experienced surgeons advise against sitting for six weeks following a fat grafting procedure.

It is more recommended to either lie on your stomach or remain standing to protect the newly transferred fat cells and ensure optimal healing.

Will Health Insurance Cover My BBL?

Buttock augmentation and Brazilian butt lifts are considered cosmetic surgery and not considered a medical necessity. For this reason, health insurance will not generally cover this type of procedure for the patient.

How Long Will The Results of A Brazilian Butt Lift Last?

Generally around 70 percent of the fat cells from the fat transfer will take to their new area if you follow your BBL recovery instructions. If you maintain a healthy weight over time, these BBL results of your new rounder figure are permanent.

How Long Does The BBL Procedure Take?

Depending on the extent of liposuction and fat transfer needed, the procedure typically lasts approximately three hours. Following the surgery, you will spend approximately one to two hours in our recovery room under careful observation before being safely discharged.

What Are The Risks Of A Brazilian Butt Lift?

Risks related to a BBL procedure include the chance of bruising, infection, swelling, skin discoloration, and possible changes in skin sensation. The biggest risk of a butt lift is if a cannula were to hit a blood vessel or nerve that could lead to a fat embolism.  BBL safety factors should always be considered.

When Will I Be Able To Return To Work?

Depending on your occupation, you can typically return to work within 10 to 14 days following your Brazilian butt lift procedure. For those with desk jobs requiring prolonged sitting, it’s recommended to utilize a standing desk until full healing is achieved.


If you are ready to talk further about a Brazilian Butt Lift with a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Galanis at Galanis Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, is the best place to start.

Prepare yourself so that you are comfortable to discuss all facets of a BBL at our office with Dr. Galanis and our friendly staff. Proper preparation can set you up for the results that you’ll be loving for the rest of your life.




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