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Rhinoplasty for Men: Finding the Right Surgeon for You

By Dr. Charles J. Galanis

If you’re a male looking into undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure or nose job, researching and confirming the best surgeon for you is a huge part of the process.  Here’s a quick overview/cheat sheet to help guide you during this pre-procedure preliminary process.  Because no one likes surprises when it comes to plastic surgery.

It’s been said men and women are extraordinarily different.  Equally amazing, but quite different.  And so are their rhinoplasty procedures (or, at least they should be).

Due to the inherently different nature regarding aesthetics and anatomical structure, seeking a licensed, board-certified surgeon with a deep and extensive knowledge of the facial anatomy of both men and women will prove beneficial during the entire surgical process. The following guidelines are a great way to help you during your research process and will help ensure the most positive outcome and a symmetrical, masculine result.


Consult With A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Does he/she have certification with the American Board of Plastic Surgery or the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery organizations?  Do they possess a valid medical license in the state in which you plan on having your rhinoplasty?  A valid medical license is required in all 50 states, FYI.


Does he/she have a history of malpractice?

You have a right to know if the surgeon(s) you’re consulting with for your rhinoplasty have undergone a malpractice suit in the past.  You wouldn’t want to entrust your face with someone who has an unsavory history of willful negligence or devastating surgical outcomes.  Contacting the state board for any malpractice activity is a step you don’t want to skip during this preliminary process.


Does the Surgeon(s) Specialize in Male Rhinoplasty?

As stated previously, male and female rhinoplasties are inherently different, requiring different surgical techniques to produce a positive outcome with gender-specific, desirable results.  Women wish for their nose-reshaping to look feminine, while men wish to have their nose-reshaping look more masculine.  When consulting with a surgeon, ask to see their procedure portfolio containing before/after imagery.  Inquire about the number of male rhinoplasties they have performed.  Be sure this is not their first rodeo.


Communication is key

How easy is it to get in touch with the surgeon(s) you have been consulting with?  Solidifying a good rapport and engaging in open, candid conversation are essential must-have’s for getting the results you’re after.  Be sure your doctor is easy to contact, returns calls in a timely manner, and makes time for discussions and concerns.

Are you a non-Caucasian male?

If so, be sure the surgeon(s) you’re consulting with specializes in ethnic male rhinoplasty.  Non-Caucasian noses possess their own unique structural characteristics, as well as their own set of issues that differ from Caucasian male noses.


Check out the office and staff

How are you greeted when you come into the office?  Are staff attentive to your needs, compassionate, and personable?  Do you feel like you’re given the star treatment whenever you arrive?  Does the surgeon provide an accredited facility?  Where are procedures performed?


Be sure the surgeon and staff provide white-glove, personalized care from start to finish, including the entire recovery process.

Don’t be left hanging.  Rhinoplasties, like any cosmetic surgical procedure, are not “one-size-fits-all.”  Every patient is unique with their own set of unique needs that must be addressed accordingly.  Be sure your surgeon treats his/her patients on a personal level, allocating time, energy, and resources necessary to providing you with the customized care you deserve.


Research, Research, Research

Dig deep and don’t be afraid to go way down the rabbit hole.  Find out as much as you can about the surgeon(s) you are most interested in doing your rhinoplasty.  If possible, get references from past patients.  What were their experiences?  What would they have done differently if given the chance?  Speaking with previous patients will give you valuable insight into the surgeon’s technique, bedside manners, follow-up, communication style, what to expect, etc.  Consult GOOGLE reviews, social media, and all the accredited boards to learn more and get the 411 on your potential surgeon.


Conduct a quality consultation

It’s your face.  Be fearless in your pursuit for the best guy or gal to do the (nose) job!  Your first consultation should not only entail a full medical evaluation, but an honest discussion of your concerns and aesthetic goals.  A meticulous and highly skilled surgeon will also conduct a full nasal examination with computer imaging of before/after’s with all options made available to you, as well as a thorough explanation of the entire process, what to expect, recovery, risks, results, etc.

A comprehensive consultation will help you make an informed medical decision, as well as having answered ALL your questions and/or concerns.  Be prepared to spend a few hours with each surgeon during this very critical first step in the procedural process.  It is during the initial consultation that a potential patient-doctor relationship begins to develop and it’s during this time that you’ll ultimately decide whether this person will be performing your long-awaited rhinoplasty.  Be vigilant and good luck!

As you can see, this is just a basic overview of what to look for when seeking a plastic surgeon to perform your rhinoplasty.  Surgery, especially plastic surgery, is a very personal decision and should never be conducted haphazardly or nonchalantly.  Surgery is serious business and should be treated as such.  Be sure you have all your ducks in a row before signing on to have surgery with any doctor.

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