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How to Sleep After Breast Augmentation

By Dr. Charles J. Galanis

How to Sleep After Breast Augmentation

How to sleep after breast augmentation may not seem like a top concern prior to getting breast implants. However, if you’re planning to undergo this surgery, it’s certainly something worth considering. Sleeping in the wrong position could alter your results in an unsatisfactory way and may even put your health at risk.

In the following article, we’ll go over our top tips on how to sleep after breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Galanis as well as general tips for your overall recovery.

Sleep for Breast Augmentation Patients

Naturally, we want you to sleep comfortably after breast augmentation procedure. However, there are some points you’ll need to keep in mind, and it’s possible you may not be able to fall asleep in exactly the sleeping position you are used to. Here’s what to know:

Sleep on your back.

The preferred sleeping position for breast augmentation patients is on the back. Sleeping comfortably on one’s back can be a challenge for side sleepers and stomach sleepers. Still, it is what’s necessary following breast augmentation surgery, and most patients find they adapt to it well after a few nights.

Sleep with your upper body elevated.

How long to sleep elevated after breast augmentationIn addition to sleeping on your back, the best sleeping position for breast augmentation patients is also with the upper body in an elevated position. If you sleep flat with no incline, the fluid buildup will remain around your breast tissue, and you’ll have a hard time with ongoing swelling.

Ensure you don’t roll over.

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell what you’ll do when you’re sleeping. But rolling on to your side or stomach after breast augmentation surgery can cause problems for the healing process and your results. To prevent yourself from accidentally rolling away from your back as you sleep, you may need to prop pillows around your head and upper body or even use a neck pillow (as you might use on a flight).

Wear your approved surgical bra.

After breast augmentation, you will be put into a surgical bra. Most patients will need to wear this bra for a set time following surgery — even at night. After a few weeks (or the specified time) have lapsed, you’ll be free to sleep without a bra (or with one if you prefer) while you sleep.

Get plenty of rest.

Lastly, sleep in general is important after breast augmentation. You’ll need to make sure you’re getting at least seven to nine hours every night.

Unfortunately, it can be tough to sleep in the specified position as it may not be what you’re used to, and you may have additional symptoms such as swelling and soreness. If this is the case, talk to your surgeon about your breast augmentation options. You can also try making your room very dark at bedtime, avoiding looking at screens before bed, using essential oils, and investing in some more comfortable sheets and pajamas.


How to Sleep After BBL and Breast Augmentation

After any plastic surgery procedure, you’ll receive recovery guidelines from your surgeon. Make sure to follow these closely as they will be specifically catered to your unique situation.

While patients do sometimes opt to undergo BBL and breast augmentation surgery at the same time, many surgeons will urge patients to separate these two procedures so that they can enjoy more comfortable recovery periods.

This is because when you have breast augmentation, it’s best to sleep on your back to avoid pressure on your breasts. But when you have a BBL (Brazilian butt lift), you must avoid pressure on your buttocks so the transferred fat can survive. While side sleeping is an option as mentioned below, this can cause its own problems as well.

With that said, most patients who undergo a BBL and breast augmentation surgery at the same time must either sleep on their backs with a Boppy or similar pillow with a hole cut out for your bottom or alternate sleeping on their sides.

Side sleeping is typically not recommended after surgery as the constant pull of gravity on one side can sometimes screw up your results and make them uneven. Still, with this specific combination of surgeries, regular back or stomach sleeping may cause even more problems.


How to sleep after breast augmentation surgery

FAQ: Sleep After Breast Augmentation

How long to sleep elevated after breast augmentation?

Most patients will need to sleep in a slightly elevated position for around two to three weeks after surgery. Always follow your surgeon’s instructions, however.

Sleeping with the upper body slightly elevated is necessary to help minimize swelling following surgery. Gravity helps to pull down and drain away the excess fluid around the treatment area.

How long do you have to sleep on your back after breast augmentation?

This depends. Most surgeons will have their patients sleep on their backs for around one to three months following surgery. Sleeping on your body keeps pressure off the chest, which allows it to heal properly. Sleeping on your back also prevents you from rolling to the side during the night.

Set Up a Consultation with Dr. Galanis

Breast augmentation can give you the breasts you’ve always wanted, boosting your confidence and helping you feel more comfortable in your clothes. Many breast augmentation surgery patients enjoy their implants for a decade or longer.

Find out more about breast augmentation surgery, breast augmentation recovery, and how to sleep after this surgery by booking a consultation with us today. Beverly Hills Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Charles Galanis would be happy to meet with you and discuss your options for surgery. We look forward to hearing from you.


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