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How Much Weight Do You Lose With a Mommy Makeover?

By Dr. Charles J. Galanis

How Much Weight Do You Lose With a Mommy Makeover

Your body probably won’t look the same after you give birth to a child. Many mothers experience stubborn fat, stretch marks, excess skin, and other issues after they go through their pregnancies and start to search for answers to reach their pre pregnancy body shape.

At Galanis Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, California, we can improve your look and help you lose unwanted fat with a Mommy Makeover. Read on to learn how this custom package can help you get your body back after pregnancy.

Mommy Makeover Procedure

Pregnancy can have a significant impact on your body. In particular, many new mothers have excess fat deposits that they can’t reduce through lifestyle changes. Fortunately, a Mommy Makeover can help you reduce your unwanted fat and feel more confident about how you look.

Reducing Your Unwanted Fat

Your mommy makeover will include a customized package of cosmetic procedures. Liposuction is often included in this type of makeover. During liposuction, we will inject fluid into your treatment area to make this procedure easier.

Next, we will suction out fat from a targeted location on your body using a thin tube. We sometimes use ultrasound or laser techniques during this process.

A Customized Approach

Since everyone’s body is different, people will lose varying amounts of fat. Some patients may be looking to reduce greater amounts of fat. Other patients may want to achieve less significant changes.

During your initial consultation, we will provide you with more details about how much fat you can expect to lose during your makeover.

Body After Pregnancy

Having a child is an enormous accomplishment, and pregnancy can be very taxing on your body. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can have an especially dramatic impact on the appearance of your breasts and abdomen.

These unwanted changes can make you feel older and less attractive.


Going through a pregnancy and breastfeeding your child can affect the appearance of your breasts. Your breasts may quickly increase and decrease in size during these events.

These fluctuations can cause your breasts to look droopy or deflated. These issues can make you feel less confident about your breasts after pregnancy.


Many women feel uncomfortable with the appearance of their abdomens after pregnancy. Pregnancy can cause your skin to loosen. Your abdominal muscles may also weaken. These issues can cause your abdomen to bulge after pregnancy.

Excess Fat

Many women’s bodies store fat in different ways after they give birth. After pregnancy, you may have excess fat deposits that are very difficult to change by following a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Further, women might struggle to find the time to exercise while they are caring for their new babies.

Other Changes

Pregnancy also affects your body in other ways. For instance, many women have stretch marks and loose skin after pregnancy. These issues can make it difficult for you to feel confident about your postpartum body. Further, these imperfections can be very difficult to improve on your own.

Improving Your Look

Fortunately, you don’t have to accept these changes. During your makeover, we will use a variety of procedures to improve the appearance of your breasts and abdomen.

We can also reduce unwanted fat through liposuction. After you achieve the full effects of your makeover, you will look slimmer and more attractive.

Improve the Appearance of Your Breasts

If you have deflated or sagging breasts after a pregnancy, don’t worry. This makeover can give you firm, attractive breasts with a breast augmentation or breast lift.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can increase the size of your breasts. This procedure may also improve their shape and symmetry. During a breast augmentation, we will place implants above or under your pectoral muscle.

We can use saline or silicone implants. To place these implants into your target area, we will make incisions in your armpit, under the fold of your breast, or in other areas.

Breast Lift

We can also improve your appearance with a breast lift. We use this procedure to remove excess skin. We will also reposition the tissues in your target area. This process will make your breasts look firmer and more youthful.

During this procedure, we will make incisions in your target area. We can perform a variety of different incisions. For instance, crescent incisions may be best for people with minimal sagging. Anchor incisions may be more helpful for women who have significant sagging.

Making a Choice

Each of these breast surgery procedures have unique benefits. Breast lifts are great for women who are dealing with sagging breasts. In contrast, a breast augmentation will enhance the shape and size of your breasts. Depending on your goals, we may recommend that you receive both procedures during your makeover.

Improve the Appearance of Your Abdomen

A Mommy Makeover can also help women who are struggling with excess fat or skin in their abdominal areas. We can address these issues with a full tummy tuck or a mini tummy tuck.

Full Tummy Tuck

During a full tummy tuck, we will make an incision that runs between your hips. The incision will be below your bikini line. We will make another incision around your navel. Next, we will separate the –––––skin from your abdominal wall.

We will also repair your muscles. Once you achieve the full mommy makeover results, your abdomen will be firmer and more attractive.

Mimi Tummy Tuck

As you might guess from its name, a mini tummy tuck is a less extensive procedure than a full tummy tuck. During this procedure, we will make a short incision below your bikini line. We will remove excess tissue from your lower abdomen. We may also repair your lower abdominal muscles.

Making a Choice

Although these procedures are similar, there are some important differences between them. A full tummy tuck is a great option for people who want to remove a more significant amount of excess skin and fat from their abdomens.

In contrast, a mini tummy tuck is a less comprehensive procedure that requires a smaller incision. During your initial consultation, we can examine your body and discuss which option would be best for you.

Mommy Makeover with Other Procedures

Your mommy makeover will be customized to fit your unique needs and goals. Many women receive tummy tucks, liposuction, and breast enhancements during their makeovers.

Some people receive other procedures to improve additional areas of their bodies. In particular, women may receive facial rejuvenation procedures, arm lifts, and thigh lifts. During your initial consultation, we can discuss whether additional procedures can help you achieve your goals.

mommy makeover weight lossMommy Makeover Weight Loss

You must keep in mind that your mommy makeover is not a weight loss procedure.  However, undergoing this procedure will lead to you losing weight.

How much weight obviously will have to do with how close you were to your ideal weight prior to your mommy makeover surgery.

Other factors that will play a role in your weight loss depend on which types of mommy makeover surgery is recommended for you by your experienced plastic surgeon.

Overall healthy lifestyle habits like consuming a healthy diet and maintaining a regular exercise routine are other factors with your overall health that will contribute.

Speaking in very general terms, patients who undergo liposuction or tummy tucks with their mommy makeover can expect weight loss of between 5 and 15 pounds.

Mommy Makeover Recovery

This makeover allows women to significantly improve their bodies in an efficient, easy manner. Many patients completely recover from their procedures after about six weeks.


We will ask you to follow some rules to help your body renew itself and heal. In particular, we suggest that you wear compression garments over your treated areas while your body recovers from your procedures.

Further, you should avoid engaging in strenuous activity for at least six weeks after your makeover. Although you should not perform taxing activities during this time, you should begin to go on short, gentle walks as soon as possible.

Mommy Makeover Cost

Since this is a personalized makeover, each patient will receive a unique set of procedures. The procedures that you select, the cost of your anesthesia, and other factors will influence the cost of your makeover. After your consultation, we can provide you with detailed information about the cost of your procedures.

Questions and Answers

How many sizes do you lose with a mommy makeover?

Following tightening of sagging skin and fat removal, certain women may anticipate a reduction of one or two sizes, while others might experience more significant changes.

It’s important to note that Dr. Galanis is a board certified plastic surgeon who will prioritize patient safety and comfort over pursuing unrealistic results or specific pant sizes.

Can I get a Mommy Makeover after weight loss?

Patients who’ve lost substantial weight or undergone bariatric surgery often benefit from a mommy makeover after weight loss, addressing lax muscles and excess skin post-transformation.

How Will I Begin My Makeover?

You’ll begin your makeover by having a personalized consultation with us. During this meeting, we will examine your body and talk about your goals and objectives.

We will also discuss your medical history and general health. We will use this information to design a customized Mommy makeover package that’s right for you. This makeover will transform your body and give you an attractive new look.

Will I look thinner after my tummy tuck?

A “tummy tuck” is a surgical procedure crafted to firm up and remove more excess skin and refine the contours of the abdomen. Although individuals undergoing a tummy tuck typically appear somewhat slimmer, it is not intended as a weight loss procedure to transform a person with excess weight into someone suddenly thin.

Preparing for Your Procedures

We will also provide you with detailed information about how to prepare for your procedures. Since your makeover will be personalized to fit your unique goals, everyone’s mommy makeover preparation process will be different. For instance, we may ask you to avoid taking certain medications before your procedures.

We may also ask you not to smoke tobacco or drink alcohol while you are preparing for your makeover.  In some cases, you may need to lose weight before you are ready to undergo your procedure.  Maintaining a healthy weight is also an important factor prior to surgery.

Finish Breastfeeding

You should not receive certain procedures while you are breastfeeding. In particular, you should wait until after you have finished breastfeeding to receive a breast augmentation or a breast lift.

Waiting until you have finished breastfeeding will allow us to better evaluate the condition of your breasts and decide on the best procedures for you.

Consider Your Future Plans

Some people prefer to receive their makeovers after they have finished having children. In particular, some people decide to get tummy tucks or breast augmentations once their families are complete.

In contrast, other people may receive cosmetic treatments after each pregnancy. There are benefits to each of these approaches.

During your initial consultation, we can provide you with more information about when you should schedule your makeover.

When Will I See Positive Changes in My Body?

This makeover can significantly improve your appearance. That said, your body will need some time to renew itself and heal after your procedures. Although everyone’s recovery process will be unique, many people see the full benefits of their treatments after about three months.

Book Your Mommy Makeover Consultation

Are you ready to do something about your excess fat and stretch marks? A Mommy Makeover can reverse the negative effects of pregnancy and give you a fresh, more attractive look.

To learn more about how this customized package performed by a board certified plastic surgeon can help you, contact us at Galanis Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, California for an initial consultation today.




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