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How Much does Vaser Liposuction Cost?

By Dr. Charles J. Galanis

vaser liposuction cost

As the world of plastic surgery continues to evolve and improve, new techiniques that can promote faster healing times and less discomfort following plastic surgery are blossoming. Of course, when we hear of break through techniques, they can sound expensive compared to the more traditional procedures.

Vaser liposuction, sometimes referred to as Vaser hi def lipo, is an up and coming cosmetic procedure targeting existing fat cells in various areas of your body using ultrasound technology.

Its distinctive process ensures gentle fat removal, minimal discomfort, and a quicker recovery process. Patients often note superior results compared to traditional liposuction techniques.

Let’s quickly go through some of the differences between vaser lipo and traditional liposuction while determining which factors would determine the vaser liposuction cost range.

Comparing Liposuction Costs of Traditional vs.VASER Lipo

When looking to remove those unwanted fat deposits that diet and exercise don’t seem to be able to eliminate, many potential patients consider traditional liposuction.

While looking into liposuction or other body contouring procedures, you may come across a technique known as vaser liposuction, which uses the power of ultrasound waves to more easily extract the unwanted fat cells during a minimally invasive procedure.

Both liposuction techniques, traditional and vaser lipo, are outpatient procedures with minimal downtime and general anesthesia risks. Vaser liposuction recovery is often offers a quicker recovery and potentially less bruising.

The use of advanced technology may contribute to a higher cost of vaser liposuction compared to the traditional method.  However, with potentially less pain, quicker recover time, and a more defined finish to your procedure, it could be well worth the investment.

How Does VASER Liposuction Work?

The treatment area is infused with a medicated solution, followed by an ultra-sound energy treatment to the fat cells, this fatty tissue is then gently suctioned out, preserving surrounding tissues while you are removing excess fat.

This vaser procedure delivers smoother contours with reduced pain and recovery period time compared to traditional liposuction. Vaser treatments are able to enhance body sculpting in multiply areas in just one single procedure.

Who Is A Good Candidate For VASER Liposuction?

Vaser liposuction is well-suited for all individuals with good skin elasticity, maintaining a stable weight, healthy diet, and regular exercise routines but are facing challenges in eliminating stubborn fat from specific areas of their bodies.

Your medical history will be reviewed, including if your have had a prior liposuction procedure. Remember, this surgical procedure is not a weight loss tool, but a way to remove fat deposits using liposuction devices.

The vaser lipo procedure effectively targets isolated areas where traditional methods may be less effective. Vaser technology can also be combined with other body contouring procedures such as a brazilian butt lift, where you could do backside body contouring simultaneously, or with any of the other procedures that combine a fat transfer or fat grafting procedure.

So How Much Does VASER Lipo Cost?

For an accurate quote on liposuction surgery costs, your personal situation needs to be assessed by a board-certified plastic surgeon. Your specific desires, current anatomy, and procedure complexity will influence the cost.

Professional assessment is crucial, as liposuction surgery varies in duration and difficulty. Don’t make guesses about pricing solely based on a round number that you found on the internet. You need to let a qualified surgeon evaluate your situation including all the details that apply specifically to you.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Vaser Liposuctionvaser hi def liposuction cost

Surgeon Fees

Surgeons with significant experience at performing a Vaser liposuction procedure may charge higher fees due to increased demand for their specialized cosmetic surgery skills. A board certified plastic surgeon holding multiple board certifications will command higher fees based on training and experience.


The location of the plastic surgeons practice also plays a role in pricing, with surgeons in metropolitan areas charging more to cover higher living costs. In contrast, surgeons in rural or mid-sized cities may charge less. Clarify these factors during your personal consultation for a comprehensive understanding of the associated costs.

General Anesthesia Costs

Given the crucial role that general anesthesia plays in the overall surgical procedure, it’s important to factor in the cost of an experienced anesthesiologist and their team. The presence of a skilled and well-trained anesthesia team is vital for the success of the vaser lipo procedure.

Local anesthesia may be possible for some of your procedures, but this will need to be discussed directly with your plastic surgeon.

Surgical Facility Fees

In addition to surgeon and anesthesia fees, factor in medical facility fees, which vary based on the surgery location. Hospital surgeries are generally pricier than those in outpatient clinics. Be mindful of these costs when budgeting for your body contouring procedures.

Your Personal Goals

Your personal goals for fat removal will effect the cost of vaser lipo. How many different areas are you going to target during your procedure? Obviously, the more areas that are addressed will lead to a higher cost based off of the amount of time the surgeon must dedicate and to the time the facility is used.

Many patients also choose to incorporate fat transfer techniques with their liposuction procedure to relocate the removed fat cells into other areas of their body such as their buttocks or breasts.

Your Body Anatomy

All of our bodies are different and can cause unique challenges when undergoing different procedures. Factors such as being at your ideal body weight, your skin quality, and how much fat will need to be removed or relocated, will have an outcome on your vaser lipo cost.

Will Health Insurance Help Pay for Vaser Lipo?

Vaser Hi Def Liposuction, being a cosmetic procedure, is seldom deemed necessary for pain relief or other health-related reasons. Based on this, health insurance plans typically do not provide coverage for this type of surgery.

Financing Options for VASER Lipo

During your initial consultation, your cosmetic surgeon will provide you with a comprehensive cost estimate for vaser liposuction and other procedures if combined. Armed with this information, you can make a well-informed decision regarding your preferred payment method.

It is advisable to inquire about the availability of payment plans or financing options, which can help break down the total surgery cost.

How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon

While you are researching and trying to find the cosmetic surgeon that is right for you, you should prioritize plastic surgeons with extensive education, skill, and experience in both traditional liposuction and Vaser liposuction.

While a highly skilled board certified plastic surgeon may come with a higher cost, it’s worth the investment for achieving the optimal results that most patients are searching for. Avoid deciding based on cost alone and prioritize skill and experience for the best possible outcome.

Look at the surgeon’s vaser liposuction before and after photos during your initial consultation to view what past vaser liposuction results they have achieved. This is a great way to know if your realistic expectations can be met by your surgeon.

Questions And Answers

Is Vaser Liposuction Treatment effective for fat reduction?

Optimal VASER liposuction results entail a contouring approach, removing small fat deposits to unveil muscle tone. While it won’t transform your entire physique, VASER liposuction can refine your figure in subtle yet impactful ways.

Will I need a skin tightening procedure after Vaser Lipo?

Skin tightening surgery should only be a last option for those left with a larger amount of excess skin following their body sculpting lipo procedure.

Will I need to wear a compression garment following Vaser Hi def?

Some plastic surgeons will advise to wear a compression garment for up to 3 weeks following liposuction procedures. They generally provide some comfort, reduce swelling, and will continue to compress the areas where your work was done.

Set Up Your VASER High-Def Lipo Consultation Appointment

If you are living a healthy lifestyle and are interested in setting up an consultation with Dr. Galanis to discuss procedures and costs, please contact our office at Galanis Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills. Dr. Galanis will be able to share before and after photos with you of numerous satisfied patients from over the years. We look forward to discussing everything in person with you soon.




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