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Exploring Brazilian Butt Lift Cost

By Dr. Charles J. Galanis

brazilian butt lift cost

There are a lot of us who are searching to regain our previous curves or add a little more sculpted shape to our current figure. The most popular area to do this has traditionally been in our upper body with a breast augmentation, but times seem to be changing somewhat, and the quest for that more shapely contoured backside is coming in strong with popular demand.

A Brazilian butt lift, or BBL for short, is proving to be an amazingly desirable procedure. As many people ponder this body contouring option, they want to know just exactly what the Brazilian butt lift cost will be. In this article, we will provide you with some crucial information to get you in the know on what goes into the BBL cost.

BBL Surgery Cost Price Differences

The typical expenses for a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery fall within a range of $6,000 to $20,000. The exact overall cost is contingent upon various factors unique to your specific cosmetic procedures.

It is not uncommon for most patients to try and combine various types of other plastic surgery procedures with Brazilian butt lifts.

Breast augmentation, mommy makeovers, or even a tummy tuck may be on your mind, but these questions will need to be discussed with your cosmetic surgeon during your initial consultation to determine if you are a good candidate to combine other procedures with your butt augmentation.

The latest data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveals that the average expenses for buttock augmentation through a fat grafting or fat transfer procedure (Brazilian butt lift BBL) is $6,083, butt implants average at $7,074, and buttock lift procedures average around $6,372.

It’s important to note that these figures represent only a portion of the total expenses, excluding additional costs such as anesthesia, operating room facilities, and other associated fees.

The cost of buttock augmentation surgery performed by a plastic surgeon is determined by many factors such as their level of experience, the specific cosmetic procedure performed, and the geographical location of their office.

What Factors Are Your BBL Costs Affected By?

Here is a list of a few of the variables associated with your BBL cost:

Surgeon’s Fees

The overall Brazilian butt lift cost will be influenced by your plastic surgeon’s experience and reputation. Many plastic surgeons with extensive decades-long experience may charge higher fees compared to those newer to the field.

A board certified surgeon holding multiple board certifications and specialized training is likely to command higher fees than those without such credentials.

When it comes to a significant cosmetic surgery like this, opting for a more experienced surgeon is often worthwhile, emphasizing that a lower cost doesn’t necessarily equate to a better outcome.

Length of Procedure

The duration of your surgeon’s time dedicated to performing your Brazilian butt lift procedure is a crucial element influencing your overall BBL cost. Lengthier cosmetic surgery necessitates increased anesthesia usage and incurs higher surgeon fees, ultimately contributing to a higher total BBL cost.

Hospital or Surgery Facility Costs

Beyond covering your surgery fees, it’s important to account for facility fees. The costs associated with these fees can vary significantly based on the location of your surgery. Typically, undergoing surgery in a hospital tends to be more expensive compared to having the procedures performed in an operating room at an outpatient clinic.

Anesthesia Fees

Depending on the case, a Brazilian butt lift BBL may be conducted under IV sedation or general anesthesia. Given the crucial role this plays in the overall cosmetic surgery procedure, it’s important to factor in the cost of an experienced anesthesiologist and their team. The presence of a skilled and well-trained anesthesia team is vital for the success of the plastic surgery.

Typically, anesthesia costs in the USA can vary, ranging from approximately $500 for local anesthesia administered in an office setting to over $3,500 for general anesthesia administered by a certified registered nurse anesthetist or an anesthesiologist in a hospital operating room.

Medical Tests

It is imperative to ensure a smooth BBL surgery without complications arising from the patient’s pre-existing medical conditions. To guarantee this, specific urine and blood tests are mandated by some plastic surgeons for a Brazilian Butt Lift. These tests provide the doctor with comprehensive information about your overall health, enabling them to assess whether you are a suitable candidate for the plastic surgery or not.

Prescription Medications

how much does a bbl costAfter your BBL surgery, it’s probable that you’ll receive a prescription for pain medication and potentially other drugs.

These prescription medications are generally not encompassed in the treatment cost and must be handled separately.

While your insurance company might cover some or all of the prescription costs, it’s advisable to obtain an estimate of your out-of-pocket expenses for these medicines in advance for proper planning.

Remember, it is your responsibility to fill and financially cover any prescribed medication from your doctor.

Post Surgery Compression Garment

After your BBL surgery, it’s mandatory to wear compression garments for several weeks. These post-surgery compression garments typically cost between $100 and $150 if custom-fit. Generic alternatives are somewhat less expensive, but many patients discover the need to acquire more than one for the entirety of their recovery period.

These compression garments are essential following your buttock augmentation procedure to help reduce swelling, and to help that the injected fat cells take to their new location while providing comfort leading toward exceptional outcomes.

Special Pillows for Your Recovery Process

Additionally, many patients find it necessary to use a donut or inflatable pillow to prevent direct pressure on their buttocks. These specialized pillows can range in price from as low as $20 to as high as $80, depending on their quality.

The expenses for post-op supplies can accumulate rapidly. It is advisable to obtain a list of the necessary recovery materials from your surgeon before your cosmetic surgery to facilitate better planning for these supplementary costs.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Most qualified surgeons recommend lymphatic massages starting a week after the buttock enhancement. There are some surgeons who will even advocate for initiating the first lymphatic massage on the initial day following the BBL surgery.

This approach is designed to optimize the BBL recovery process. Your surgeon will recommend what will be best for you going forward after your BBL procedure.

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon for You

When selecting the ideal surgeon for your BBL surgery, several factors demand consideration. Primarily, ensure that the surgeon is board-certified in plastic surgery, possessing the requisite training and experience for the safe and effective execution of the procedure.

Additionally, prioritize surgeons who regularly perform BBL procedures and can provide visual evidence through BBL before-and-after photos. This not only offers insight into their skill and proficiency but also provides expectations regarding potential results.

Other essential factors to weigh include the surgeon’s interpersonal skills, the quality of their surgical facility, their availability for pre- and post-operative appointments, and reviews from past patients.

What Is the Cost of Choosing the Wrong Surgeon for Your BBL Procedure?

One of the most important decisions that you are going to make is about choosing the right surgeon to perform your procedure. Your buttock enhancement cost is going to be higher for a board certified plastic surgeon, but your going to be under the care of a doctor who has been specifically trained to execute your cosmetic surgery with safety in mind and the proper training to be able to make all the right decisions during your Brazilian butt lift procedure.

Choosing a bargain BBL surgery is rolling the dice for good results and putting your health and well being into jeopardy. It is extremely important to think through and take a look at the possible ramifications of a BBL gone wrong.

Revision surgery is going to be more difficult for not only you, but for the plastic surgeon who is trying to correct the previous mistakes made by the unqualified surgeons.

Paying for Your BBL, Financing Options, and Payment Plans

During your initial consultation, your surgeon will provide you with a comprehensive cost estimate for your BBL and other procedures if combined. Armed with this information, you can make a well-informed decision regarding your preferred payment method.

It is advisable to inquire about the availability of payment plans or financing options, which can help break down the total surgery cost.

Does Insurance Cover The Brazilian Butt Lift Cost?

The Brazilian butt lift, being a cosmetic procedure, is seldom deemed necessary for pain relief or other health-related reasons. Consequently, health insurance plans typically do not provide coverage for this surgery.

If you have plans for a BBL in the near future, anticipate covering the procedure costs out-of-pocket or exploring alternative financing options.

Questions and Answers

How long do the results of Brazilian butt lifts last?

The results of a BBL vary according to postoperative changes as the body has the ability to reabsorb some of the fat tissue from the fat transfer. It’s common to experience a loss of approximately 20-30% of the fat tissue volume over time.

It’s important to note that the shape and appearance of your buttocks can naturally evolve with age, irrespective of factors such as weight fluctuations, exercise, and diet.

When can I sit after my butt lift?

Typically, patients are instructed for post surgical care to avoid sitting, lying, or applying pressure to their buttocks for a duration of two to four weeks following BBL surgery. Around six weeks post-surgery, most patients can resume their usual activities, including sitting.

Is getting a Brazilian butt lift worth it?

BBL often produces more natural-looking results in comparison to Butt Implants since the excess fat utilized in the procedure is harvested from the patient’s own body.

This ensures that the final outcome closely aligns with the patient’s natural body type and skin tone. Moreover, BBL offers greater flexibility for precise shaping and contouring of the buttocks.

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