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InMode Evolve Body Contouring

By Dr. Charles J. Galanis

Evolve body contouring

When diet and exercise alone aren’t helping you reach your fitness goals or visible improvement, you may need something more. The healthiest diets and intense workout routines often fail to address skin laxity, cellulite, or produce a slimmer appearance. 

If you want to improve the look of your midsection, thighs, arms, or back, a body sculpting customized treatment plan like InMode Evolve Transform can help. 

Non-invasive body sculpting treatments aim to get rid of unwanted fat while enhancing tone muscles. Galanis Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills offers InMode Evolve body contouring to help patients achieve a slimmer more toned figure while also enhancing your skin’s appearance using multiple technologies. Read on to learn more about InMode Evolve Transform and the benefits of this non surgical body sculpting plan.

What Is InMode Evolve Body Contouring?

InMode Evolve Transform is the ultimate hands free platform with a series of non-invasive body sculpting treatments that use innovative technology to create a more sculpted, contoured physique. There are three types of Evolve by InMode treatments: Evolve Tite, Evolve Trim, and Evolve Tone. 

Each treatment is designed to target different cosmetic concerns that affect your figure, such as excess fat, cellulite, and poor muscle definition.

What Are the Benefits of InMode Evolve?

Non invasive body contouring procedures like Evolve by InMode are popular because they offer significant aesthetic benefits to all skin types. 

The treatments in the InMode Evolve series can provide help to remodel skin with the following advantages for patients:

  • Promoting fat removal
  • Enhancing tone muscles
  • Diminishing cellulite
  • Tightening loose, sagging skin
  • Creating an overall slimmer figure
  • Smoothing wrinkled, aged skin

InMode Evolve treatments can be used one at a time to address specific concerns or in conjunction with one another to create a more contoured, youthful appearance. Our patients enjoy the InMode Evolve series because it combats a wide variety of cosmetic concerns with simple, outpatient procedures.

Who Should Try InMode Evolve Treatment?

InMode Evolve treatments are designed for patients who seek non invasive treatments that want to have a more sculpted, contoured physique. These treatments promote skin tightening, eliminate excess fat, and help to define muscles.

Evolve treatments are not weight loss procedures and are not intended for patients who have a moderate to significant extra few pounds and need to lose weight. The ideal candidate is a patient who is within range of their optimal body weight but who is carrying a small amount of unwanted fat or loose skin in certain problem areas.

If you are unsure whether you would benefit from InMode Evolve body sculpting treatment, a consultation with our cosmetic medical professionals can help. We will assess your current figure and discuss your desired outcome to determine whether the InMode Evolve series is the best course of treatment to meet your needs.

Procedures in the InMode Evolve System

The InMode Evolve system offers patients three distinct cosmetic treatments. Each treatment utilizes advanced technology to address your cosmetic concerns and create a smoother, more sculpted body. Learn more about the three Evolve procedures below.

Evolve Tite

Evolve Tite is designed to target loose skin and cellulite. This skin and tissue remodeling treatment uses intense uniform and volumetric heating energy to tighten loose skin and create a smoother appearance.  The warm sensation you’ll experience on your skin is similar to a hot stone massage.

The radiofrequency energy used in Evolve Tite heats the subdermal layer of your skin, stimulating your body’s internal regenerative responses. This causes an increase in collagen production that can provide the following benefits:

  • Reduced cellulite
  • Brighter skin
  • Decrease in wrinkles
  • Tighter, firmer skin

Evolve Tite is a great treatment option for patients who have already lost a significant amount of weight and have been left with loose skin throughout their bodies. This non-invasive body sculpting procedure can create a tighter, smoother appearance overall.

Evolve Trim

Evolve Trim is a body sculpting procedure that can reduce body fat non-surgically. It is the preferred treatment method for larger areas of the body, like the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, or hips. 

This treatment uses radiofrequency energy to penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissue and target stubborn fat cells. The intense heat destroys adipose cells, which are then flushed naturally from the body. 

Evolve Trim can provide the following benefits:

  • Shrinking and destroying excess fat cells
  • Naturally flushing fat tissue from the body
  • Removing stubborn fat from the thighs, legs, arms, and buttocks

Evolve Trim is a good choice for even the slimmest of patients who are struggling with fat reduction. This is because adipose tissue can accumulate in certain problem areas, like around the midsection, the love handles, arms, and thighs. Evolve Trim will directly target and treat fat cells permanently removing them from the body.

evolve body sculptingEvolve Tone

Evolve Tone is designed to enhance your muscle toning. This treatment uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to stimulate involuntary muscle contractions in areas where you want more tone and definition. These areas often include the abs, buttocks, arms, and legs. 

Patients report that Evolve Tone delivers the following results:

  • Leaner arms and legs
  • Enhanced abdominal muscles
  • Firm, sculpted buttocks
  • Improved muscle tone overall

Evolve Tone is best for patients who have already met their ideal body weight goals but want to improve their muscle definition. This procedure will not result in weight loss but rather an improvement in muscle tone by emitting electrical muscle stimulation through these treatment sessions.

Questions and Answers

Are there any side effects to the evolve transform treatments?

Immediate side effects are typically limited to temporary redness at the treated area, resolving within 24 hours. Heat and tingling sensations may be experienced for a few hours post-treatment but generally subside. Swelling is another potential short-term effect, lasting anywhere from 3 to 7 days.

Is this InMode Evolve process the same as CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting employs precise fat freezing, whereas Evolve comprises a series of non-surgical procedures aimed at diminishing fat, addresses skin laxity, and improves muscle definition. The distinction between these innovative body contouring treatments extends beyond their approaches to addressing unwanted body fat.

Is Evolve skin tightening safe for me?

Evolve Tite is a secure and efficient procedure, that represents the latest advancement in aesthetic treatments for enhancing and refining the visual aspects of aging skin.

What does the evolve machine do?

EVOLVE is a component of non-surgical body contouring, specifically lipolysis, encompassing treatments designed to eliminate fat and enhance skin tightness without resorting to invasive surgery. Operating with radiofrequency lipolysis, EVOLVE delivers targeted radiofrequency waves to specific areas of your body.

Is electrical muscle stimulation really safe to use?

Electrical muscle stimulation poses very minimal risks. The primary concerns typically involve occurrences such as tissue burns and skin irritation.

InMode Evolve at Galanis Plastic Surgery

Setting up your initial consultation is the first step toward your aesthetic goals.  Whether you’re struggling with cellulite, loose skin, or excess body fat, InMode Evolve is a great all in one platform treatment process for improving appearance for all skin types. 

The InMode Evolve series is designed to sculpt your physique, giving it a slimmer, more contoured appearance. These procedures are non-invasive and non-surgical, allowing patients to return home after treatment and resume normal activity with zero downtime. 

Evolve body sculpting treatments can help you get the body you’ve been striving for. Galanis Plastic Surgery, located in Beverly Hills, CA, provides InMode Evolve treatments to local residents and visitors alike. To learn more about these procedures or to schedule an appointment, please call us today.



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