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Is Liposuction Permanent for Removing Fat?

By Dr. Charles J. Galanis

Is Liposuction Permanent for Removing Fat

With its origins dating back to the 1970s, liposuction is now the 3rd most common cosmetic procedure carried out in the United States. Many of us suffer from stubborn body fat areas that even with a healthy diet and exercise, just won’t seem to budge.

This is where many people seek the help of cosmetic surgery, but is Liposuction permanent?

At Galanis Plastic Surgery, Beverly Hills, California, we understand that there can be a lot of information to search through when considering a cosmetic procedure.

One of the most common questions we hear about this type of procedure is if body fat is permanently removed and if the results are long-lasting. We are committed to ensuring that all of our clients have a thorough understanding of the liposuction procedures they are considering.

With this in mind, we have put together this guide in which we will discuss everything you can expect from liposuction procedure and the results.

Can Liposuction Remove Fat Permanently?

With hundreds of thousands of individuals in the United States choosing to have this treatment each year, one of the most common questions doctors are asked about this procedure is “is lipo permanent?”

This question deserves more than just a blunt yes or no. In short, yes, liposuction procedure does permanently remove fat cells from the body and these cells cannot return.

However, it is down to the individual to ensure that their new, ideal silhouette is long-lasting and indeed, permanent.

How Fat Cells Work

We typically have the same amount of fat cells inside our body throughout our whole adult lives, no matter how much we weigh. These fat cells are essential to the daily running of our body.

When we feed our bodies too much energy (food), our bodies store this excess energy as fat.

Our body does not create new fat cells for this excess energy, instead, it is stored in our existing cells, causing them to swell and grow in size. As we lose body weight these cells shrink but never disappear.

For those who struggle with losing weight in specific areas, this may be because there are an excessive number of fat cells built up in this one area. Therefore, using liposuction procedures to remove the excess fat cells could be the answer.

The remaining cells can still grow if the individual is consuming more energy than they are using (eating more calories than their body can burn).

If this is taken to the extreme and the individual is consuming an excessive amount of calories, then new fat cells could grow to accommodate the storage of the extra fat. So weight gain can still happen after having lipo treatment.

However, if the client commits to a healthy lifestyle, they can expect permanent results, lasting a lifetime from lipo treatment.

Can Fat Return?

The total fat cells removed from the body are permanently removed, however, it is down to the individual to not gain weight to ensure their new shape is maintained on a long-term basis.

It is important to understand that prospective patients should already be at their desired body weight as this liposuction procedure is not a weight-loss solution. Instead, it is intended to remove stubborn fat deposits that have proven resistant to diet and exercise.

If a patient lives a healthy lifestyle and maintains their pre-procedure weight, then the initial results will be long-lasting or permanent. However, if the individual gains a considerable amount of weight then new fat cells can develop.

New fat cells from ample weight gain generally develop in an even manner, spread out through the body.

However, for those that have undergone a liposuction procedure, we often see a smaller number of fat cells developing in the treated areas.

This means most patients who gain weight after the procedure will still see less remaining fat cells in the treated areas.

How Can I Encourage Long-Lasting Results?

In order to keep your new, beautiful silhouette for years to come, it is important to commit to a healthy lifestyle to maintain your healthy weight.

This can include incorporating a healthy, calorie-controlled diet, regular exercise, and keeping properly hydrated. Most importantly, always follow your post liposuction procedure instructions given to you by your board certified plastic surgeon.


Many of our clients suffer from feeling self-conscious or embarrassed about extra body fat that they can’t shift on their own, no matter how hard they try with diet and exercise to lose weight.

By undergoing a liposuction procedure they can finally be rid of the unwanted fat, resulting in a tremendous boost to their confidence and self-esteem.

Many report feeling significantly happier with how they feel about their body image. If all the given advice is followed then the client can remain happy in the knowledge that their transformation is permanent.

Every individual has their own personal reasons for undergoing this type of treatment and so the benefits gained will be unique to them. This procedure can be performed not just for cosmetic reasons, as it can help to treat certain medical conditions.

These types of medical conditions involve a build-up of fluid or fat in certain areas of the body of which lipo can help alleviate. Lymphedema, gynecomastia, lipodystrophy syndrome, and lipoma are among these types of conditions.

A More Detailed Look Into the Procedure

Now we have delved into the question, “Does liposuction permanently remove fat?” We will now take a more detailed look at the procedure itself so that we can understand the procedure in its entirety.

This should give us a further understanding as to why we consider lipo results permanent.

What Is Liposuction?

It is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States and extremely popular elsewhere across the globe. Also known as Lipo, Lipoplasty, or Body Contouring, this treatment removes fat deposits from treated areas.

Typical treatment areas include the abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks, neck, arms, and back.

A skilled surgeon can smooth and sculpt select areas to correct irregular body shapes. By reshaping the sleek contours of the body the client’s desired body shape can be achieved.

It is often performed alongside other treatments such as breast reductions, tummy tucks, and facelifts but can also be performed alone.

How Is It Performed?

Curious about how liposuction works? Depending on the individual circumstances, the patient will either be conscious under local anesthetic or placed under general anesthesia.

A skilled surgeon will then make discreet incisions near the targeted area. A special tumescent solution is then injected to help soothe and numb the area.

Fat cells are then directly removed using suction cannula (thin tube). This process can be assisted with the use of laser or ultrasound depending on the type of treatment you choose.

These fat cells are now permanently removed from the body. Once complete the surgeon will close the incisions, draining away any excess fluid, and apply dressings to the areas worked on.

Different Types of Liposuction

Tumescent Liposuction

This is the most common type of procedure, it involves the injection of a medicated solution before the suction process. The injected fluid helps to reduce the loss of blood and to relieve any bruising, swelling, or pain following the procedure.

It also works to break up the fat cells making them easier to remove.

Vaser Liposuction

Vaser liposuction, also known as VASERlipo, utilizes ultrasound technology to selectively break down and liquefy fat cells before they are gently suctioned out through a small tube called a cannula.

This technology allows for more precise targeting of fat deposits while minimizing damage to surrounding tissues such as blood vessels and nerves.

Super-Wet Technique

Similar to the tumescent method, this technique uses much less fluid and can take less time but will usually always require the patient to be asleep under general anesthesia.

Ultrasound-Assisted (UAL)

Often used in collaboration with the tumescent method, ultrasonic vibrations are used to turn fat cells into a liquid, making it easy to be suctioned from the body. UAL can be performed either above the skin using an emitter or internally using a heated cannula.

This technique is effective in more fibrous areas, such as the upper back.

Laser-Assisted Liposuction (LAL)

This technique uses laser energy to melt fat cells and uses a smaller cannula than the traditional method making it the preferred method for smaller areas like the neck and face. The energy from the laser can stimulate collagen production resulting in smoother and tighter skin.

does liposuction permanently remove fatStart Your Journey

Now we understand the results a liposuction procedure can deliver and how it is performed, you may feel ready to start your own journey and undergo liposuction.

It is important that you thoroughly understand how it can affect your unique body and the rest of your life. Meeting with a doctor who understands your unique concerns is the most important step in the whole process.

Choosing Your Doctor

In order to find the right doctor for you, you will need to spend some serious time researching. Talk to people who have had this type of surgery or read client testimonials online.

Your surgeon should have a wealth of experience in this and other cosmetic procedures as well as professional accreditations. They should make you feel comfortable and in safe hands.

Dr. Galanis is board certified plastic surgeon by both The American Board of Surgery and The American Board of Plastic surgery and has an impressive training background.

Based in Beverly Hills, he believes in establishing a trusting and honest relationship with his patients to best understand their needs. This will help build a uniquely tailored surgery plan to deliver the best possible results.

Liposuction Recovery

After resting for the first 24 hours, patients are encouraged to walk and move around throughout the day to promote healthy blood flow. Although the healing process is different for each individual, a full recovery usually takes around eight weeks.

However, most clients will feel back to their old selves after just one to two weeks. Many can return to work after just a few days. Once fully recovered you’ll be able to appreciate your new shape and figure for the rest of your life.

Learn More About Liposuction

Liposuction can be a life-changing procedure that gives permanent results. It is a serious decision with a lot of information to consider. If you would like to learn more or discuss your options, then Dr. Charles Galanis can help guide you in your decision in a professional and safe environment.

Contact Dr. Charles Galanis of Galanis Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, California to schedule a consultation appointment and learn more about how liposuction can work for you.



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