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Breast Implants Recovery Timeline: What to Expect

By Dr. Charles J. Galanis

breast implants recovery timeline

Getting ready for breast augmentation surgery will begin by gathering the facts about your procedure and by getting yourself prepared for your breast augmentation recovery timeline ahead of the procedure.

Preparing will involve discussions with your plastic surgeon during your initial consultation to share your goals, making choices regarding the type and size of implants, and ensuring financial readiness.

Despite breast augmentation being a widely performed and safe procedure with millions conducted annually, it remains a significant undertaking, which requires patients to be in good health and possess mental well-being.

It is always a good idea to know exactly what you are getting yourself into before you take the plunge. Here we’ll discuss a few things to help you get ready for the after surgery process.

What To Do Before Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

Most patients find that properly planning for what your recovery time will be like following breast augmentation surgery will be one of the best things you did for yourself.

Before breast implant surgery you will be able to prepare your recovery space to limit any stressful conditions that could hamper your rest or put you in uncomfortable positions.

Having easy to reach pre-made healthy snacks, meals, and drinks, as well as having clothing and blankets in a proper position or level that you can effortlessly access might seem a little trivial, but they can add to your comfort level.

Make sure that you have arranged to have a ride set up for you both before and after your popular cosmetic procedures are finished so you can smoothly get home to your comfort zone. Having someone to stay with you the first night is not a bad idea either.

Prearranged childcare is another really important box to have checked for many women prior to leaving the recovery room. You will not be able to do any strenuous physical activity while your body heals, including picking up your children for a few days.

Your cosmetic surgeons team will have you set up with many presurgery requirements. Some of these points of interest are included below:

  • Stop Smoking
  • Avoid all recreational drugs
  • Avoid taking any anti-inflammatory drugs that could increase bleeding
  • Adjust current meds or be given certain prescription medications
  • Avoid organic supplements that could increase bleeding
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Stay properly hydrated

Understanding Your Breast Augmentation Recovery Timeline

Recovery time after a breast augmentation procedure will vary for most patients. Several factors will play a role in the process for recovery. While a breast augmentation recovery timeline of 6-8 weeks is considered an average for the breast augmentation recovery process, it’s important to maintain realistic expectations and keep in mind that individual experiences may differ.

Factors influencing your recovery process include:

Surgery breast augmentation technique

The surgical procedure used for breast augmentation surgery can affect the extent of trauma to your breast and muscle tissues. The different methods of plastic surgery will have a slightly different amount of recovery time.

Individual health

Patients in good overall health tend to recover more quickly than those with underlying health issues. Age and pre-existing medical conditions can also play a role.

Postoperative care

Following postoperative instructions provided by your board certified plastic surgeon can impact the recovery process. Proper wound care, rest, not doing any heavy lifting, and avoiding strenuous activity is crucial for optimal healing.

Pain tolerance

Individuals vary in their pain tolerance levels, affecting how quickly they can resume normal activities. We find that most women will need the help of prescription pain medication to find their comfort level for a couple days post op.

Lifestyle choices

Factors such as eating healthy foods, maintaining physical activity, exercise routines, and overall lifestyle can influence recovery. A healthy lifestyle may contribute to a faster healing process.


The occurrence of complications during or after breast enhancement surgery can extend the recovery period. Common complications include infection near an incision site, minor bleeding, or issues with the breast implants.

While some patients may feel back to normal within a week, others may require more time to resume normal activities. It’s essential for patients to follow their plastic surgeons recommendations, attend all follow-up appointment promptly, and communicate any concerns or unusual symptoms during the recovery period.

Each person’s experience with breast augmentation recovery is unique, and it’s crucial to consult with a qualified healthcare professional to get personalized advice based on individual circumstances.

Tips for Healthy Breast Augmentation Recovery

The first two weeks of your recovery are extremely important. Swelling and bruising are a natural outcome of injured blood vessels during surgery.

As your body’s inflammatory response kicks in and directs additional fluid and blood to promote healing at your incision sites, you may experience skin that is dark red, blue, or black. However, within a couple of weeks, both breast augmentation bruising and swelling are expected to substantially diminish.

Here are a few tips to help with reducing the bruising and swelling during your first week.

Wear Your Post Surgical Bra

This compression garment will offer support and help your implants settle into their new home while reducing underarm and breast inflammation. These compression bras resemble a sports bra which provide support without the underwires.

Stay Hydrated

breast augmentation recoveryMaintaining proper water levels in your body is essential to maintaining healthy skin especially after surgery. Your skins needs the water to heal itself and maintain elasticity.

Sleep In The Correct Position

Sleeping in an upright position for up to 2 weeks can be beneficial to your recovery process. It is also extremely important to not put any pressure on areas of your body where you may still have stetches.

Use a wedge pillow that can elevate your upper body comfortably from your bed. These pillows not only provide support but also make it easier for you to get out of bed, thereby reducing pain and minimizing stress on your healing tissue.

Limit Your Activities For A Couple Weeks

Following surgery during your breast implant recovery time you should refrain from any strenuous exercise that could impact the recovering breast tissue. This includes all upper body exercises focused on the chest and shoulder muscles.

You will actually be best off if you have a friend or partner that can help with washing and drying your hair or even putting on shirts.

Questions and Answers

When Should I Schedule My Breast Augmentation?

If you’re like many women and wanting to show off your new curves in the summer, then winter is probably the best time to schedule your breast augmentation.

This will help for maximizing your breast implants recovery timeline. It is also easier to hide any additional swelling during the winter months as we wear more sweaters and loose fitting clothes to keep us warm.

How painful is breast augmentation recovery?

You should expect to feel some slight pain for 2 to 3 weeks. Burning sensation and shooting pains could occur as well as sensations of pulling or stretching in the breast area are also expected. Considerable swelling is a common experience after a breast augmentation procedure.

While improvement in how you feel and increased strength should go up daily, the use of pain medication may be necessary for the initial one or two weeks. It’s normal to feel fatigued easily or to have reduced energy levels during this recovery period.

How long do breasts stay swollen after breast augmentation?

The majority of patients typically notice a reduction in swelling around three weeks post-surgery. It’s common to still experience some swelling for up to three months.

How long do the results of breast augmentation last?

The typical lifespan of breast surgery implants are approximately 10 years. There is a potential risk of implant rupture as your breasts naturally age, and as factors like weight fluctuations occur, the appearance of your breasts may change, potentially necessitating further surgery to address these issues.

How long does breast augmentation recovery take?

It’s important to remember that the full recovery timeline will vary for each woman due to the uniqueness of our individual bodies. While there’s no precise schedule for each week of recovery, many surgeons agree that a full recovery takes around six weeks on average. Some women may find that they feel completely well after about a week, but this can vary based on individual factors.

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