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BBL Vs Implants: Everything You Need To Know

By Dr. Charles J. Galanis

BBL Vs Implants

Have you ever dreamed of embracing your feminine curves, but found yourself unable to build the kind of booty you want from exercise alone? These days, more and more women are seeking out a full, sculpted backside through butt augmentation procedures, creating an exciting new trend in the cosmetic surgery space.
However, not all butt augmentations are the same. Typically, women choose to undergo either a Brazilian butt lift procedure or butt implants. Both of these surgical procedures offer similar results, but each one utilizes a very different approach. Choosing the right option depends on your aesthetic goals, health history, and other key factors.

Here’s what you need to know when choosing between a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure or butt implants:

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian butt lift BBL is a type of buttock augmentation that involves taking fat cells from other parts of the body and transferring it to the booty. Most patients choose this option because it not only creates a more round, sculpted backside, but it also also them to eliminate excess fat in unwanted areas.

For example, your cosmetic surgeon can remove fat from the belly, thighs, hips, and other areas to create the ideal fat transfer for your body goals. Despite being an invasive surgical procedure, many women see this as a safer, more natural option because it uses your own fat, unlike butt implants that rely on implants.

How It Works:BBL Vs Butt Implants

BBL procedures follow a two step process performed by a plastic surgeon to achieve incredible results for patients. First, the surgeon will asses the areas where unwanted fat has accumulated. This helps create natural looking BBL results and simultaneously slims down the area where extra fat is removed.

For the fat transfer procedure, the cosmetic surgeon will use a surgical insertion to extract fat from the desired area, also known as liposuction. Next, they’ll use what’s known as fat grafting to add injected fat in the buttocks, resulting in a more voluminous backside.

Ultimately, a Brazilian butt lift surgery works with your own tissues to create the appearance of a slimmer waist and lifted booty, giving you the body shape you’ve always wanted.

BBL Potential Risks:

Of course, Brazilian butt lift procedures having their own risks. It’s important to be sure you work with an experienced plastic surgeon when undergoing a BBL procedure, or any other cosmetic procedure. This will help you understand the risks and reduce your likelihood of experiencing serious complications.

Some of the most common Brazilian butt lift risks include:

  • Visible BBL scars
  • Infection at the insertion site
  • Bruising
  • Soreness
  • Sagging skin

Although rare, a fat embolism can also occur as the result of a botched Brazilian butt lift. This happens when transferred fat cells enter the patient’s blood stream, posing a life-threatening risk. Fat embolisms require immediate medical attention, and are often the most dangerous risk of BBL surgeries.

What Are Butt Implants?

While Brazilian butt lifts use fat from within the body, buttock implants take a more traditional approach. Just like breast implants, this augmentation uses manmade implants to reshape and add more volume to the buttocks, inserted directly beneath the gluteal muscles.

One of the primary benefits of a butt implant surgery is that it can be used to eliminate loose skin, and often creates a firmer appearance that a Brazilian butt lift. Butt implants provide an improvement to the overall body shape without needing to harvest fat, which makes it a great choice for slender women who may not have enough fat to get a BBL.

Types of Butt Implants:

Primarily, this procedure uses solid silicone implants. Silicone implants have been used by plastic surgeons for decades, and are seen as the safest and more reliable option for a butt implant. Each implant will be inserted beneath the gluteal muscle, giving a natural look and feel for patients.

Risks of Implants:

Because implants are an invasive procedure, the require a lengthy recovery period, and you may need to avoid sitting or exercising during the healing process. Some common effects of a butt implant procedure include:

  • Infection at the insertion site
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Visible scarring
  • Misshapen silicone implant
  • Nerve damage

Most butt implants will last for several years without noticeable side effects, but you will need to be mindful of your implants and inform your plastic surgeon if you notice any discomfort, or see that your implants have shifted or moved.

BBL Vs Implants CostHow To Choose The Right Procedure For You

Weighing the benefits of butt implants vs Brazilian butt lift comes down to a few key factors. The most important things to consider include:

Body Type

Brazilian butt lift procedures require adequate fat to be performed effectively, which means it may not be a good choice if you’re already a slim person. Alternatively butt implants provide more volume to the buttocks without changing your natural body shape.

Health History

Both BBL and butt implants require you to be in good physical health before undergoing surgery. If you have a history of health concerns or are considered morbidly obese, most plastic surgeons will ask you to switch to a healthy diet and exercise routine before they’ll allow you to have a cosmetic procedure.


No matter which option you choose, the bbl recovery period will last for a few weeks and many require you to avoid direct pressure on the buttocks. If you’re unable to take time away from work or have small children to care for, you may need to wait until you have adequate recovery time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is BBL the same as body contouring?

Body contouring is a popular non-surgical treatment that uses advanced techniques to sculpt the body and dissolve fat, making it very different from a Brazilian butt lift. Some BBL patients find that body contouring alone does not achieve the results they desire, where a fat transfer delivers instantly visible results.

Will I feel my implants when I sit down?

During the recovery period, you may need to avoid sitting to prevent discomfort and allow your butt implants to heal. After a few weeks, your implants will be completely unnoticeable and you’ll be able to resume normal activities.

How long does it take to see results?

The results of both butt implants and BBLs will depend on how well you follow the plastic surgeons postoperative instructions, as well as your existing shape. In most cases, patients will see the healed results within several weeks.

Dr. Charles Galanis|Beverly Hills CA

If you’re still trying to choose between a BBL or butt implants, Dr. Galanis is here to help. As an experienced plastic surgeon in the heart of Beverly Hills, he and his team have been providing high-quality implants and BBL procedures from clients from around the world, making him a lead authority on butt augmentation.

To learn more about his services and to schedule a risk-free consultation, connect with Galanis Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills today.



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