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The best way to select the perfect procedure for you to receive your desired results is to have an in person consultation with Dr. Galanis. He will help you select the type of procedure that will ensure that you are comfortable and satisfied with your results. Below you will find before and after photos of  real patients to help you begin to identify what you may be looking for in your procedure. Be sure to submit for a consultation so we can start discussing how best to help you reach your goals.

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Liposuction 1

50 year old female interested in addressing her upper inner thighs. She was bothered by chronic chafing and wanted to restore a natural-looking gap between her thighs. She was received a single liposuction treatment. The after photo is 6 months following surgery.

Liposuction 2

44 year old female who wished to improve her abdominal contour. She underwent extensive power-assisted liposuction of the abdomen and flanks to achieve a slimmer contour.

Liposuction 3

36 year old female who was looking for significant enhancement of her breast size. After bra sizing and 3D imaging, we selected 400 cc round silicone high profile implants specifically tailored to her anatomy.


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