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The best way to select the perfect procedure for you to receive your desired results is to have an in person consultation with Dr. Galanis. He will help you select the type of procedure that will ensure that you are comfortable and satisfied with your results. Below you will find before and after photos of  real patients to help you begin to identify what you may be looking for in your procedure. Be sure to submit for a consultation so we can start discussing how best to help you reach your goals.

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Botox 1

44 year old man who was dissatisfied with wrinkles that were forming on his forehead. He was treated with botox. These before and after photos were both taken with the forehead AT REST. Even at rest the lines had softened after a single treatment.

Botox 2

Patient is a 40 year old female who was displeased with worsening forehead lines most noticeable to her right over the eyebrows. She was treated with botox. In both the before and after images she is raising her eyebrows.

Botox 3

38 year old female displeased with appearance of creases and wrinkles in her forehead. She was treated with 40 units of Botox.


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