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Nose Reshaping: Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills

Nose Reshaping: Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills

After breast augmentation, rhinoplasty is the most common surgical cosmetic procedure performed in the United States. Rhinoplasty offers a surgical solution to help you reshape and resize your nose.

At Galanis Plastic Surgery, we offer nose reshaping to help you achieve the profile you want. Read on to learn more about the rhinoplasty procedure and how to prepare for it. 

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a surgical procedure that changes the shape or size of the nose. When performing a rhinoplasty surgery, we can change bone, cartilage, and skin to enhance facial proportions and symmetry. The procedure also makes breathing easier for some people with nasal obstructions. 

People who have suffered injuries or other nose trauma, as well as those who were born with deviated septums, can depend on this surgical procedure. 

One of the preferred ways we perform rhinoplasty at our clinic is with the “closed” technique. For this technique, we make incisions on the inside of the nose and complete the procedure through the nostrils. This option is best suited for people who need small corrections or reshaping of the nasal tip. 

If you want more dramatic results, we may need to perform an open rhinoplasty. We can do this by making an incision in the tissue that separates the nostrils and getting access to the bones and cartilage in that fashion. 

We turn to open rhinoplasty if we need to:

  • Repair previous rhinoplasties
  • Repair a broken nose
  • Significantly reshape the nose
  • Correct a broken nose bridge
  • Significantly shorten the nose tip

If you want nose reshaping surgery for cosmetic reasons, you must wait until your nose bone has grown completely, but if you need the surgery because you have breathing difficulties, you can get the surgery at any age. 

The right candidates for rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills are people who have realistic expectations, who are in good overall health, and who don’t smoke. 

If you have high blood pressure, bleeding disorders, serious medical conditions, are pregnant or breastfeeding, lack structural integrity in your nose, or have severe allergies, you may not be the right candidate for this procedure. 

Benefits of Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills

Rhinoplasty can help you achieve the well-proportioned look you want from your facial features. It’s a highly customizable cosmetic option that we can tweak to offer the best results for your unique situation.

If you have breathing difficulties because of a deviated septum or other structural issues, a rhinoplasty can give you the relief you need. Many people who struggle with snoring and other sleeping difficulties can benefit from this procedure because it allows the entire respiratory system to work more efficiently. 

You can also use rhinoplasty to reduce sinus pressure if that’s something that affects your life. If there’s a structural problem in your nose that causes sinus trouble, like nasal septum issues, rhinoplasty can help. Your nasal septum controls drainage, and the most common sinus concerns deal with poor drainage. 

How to Prepare for a Nose Reshaping Procedure

It is crucial that you make an initial appointment with us so that we can evaluate your medical history, your overall health, and what results you’re hoping to get from rhinoplasty. Tell us about your aesthetic goals and about any experiences you’ve had in the past with surgical procedures. 

You should also tell us about any medications or supplements you take. We will request blood work and perform a full physical exam to ensure that you are healthy enough for this type of procedure. 

At your initial appointment, we’ll also examine your nose’s structure to determine how we want to perform the surgery. 

For two weeks prior to the surgery, you should avoid aspirin and ibuprofen, because they can thin your blood. You also want to avoid supplements like St. John’s Wort. If you smoke, you should stop before the procedure.

What to Expect from the Nose Reshaping Procedure

We ask that you come to your rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills not wearing makeup, contact lenses, or jewelry. We perform the procedure under general anesthesia, so you will need to have someone drive you home. 

The procedure’s length can vary, depending on its complexity. After we finish, we will take you to a recovery room where we will monitor you for about an hour. You are then free to go home. 

The most important thing to remember as you recover is to get plenty of rest. Sleep with your head elevated.

For most people, the internal dressings will remain in place for at least a couple of days. You can shower two days after the surgery. 

You can take walks as you recover, but avoid strenuous exercises that can put pressure on your nose. When you brush your teeth, be gentle so that you don’t scrape your top lip. 

Most people require at least one week off work to recover after rhinoplasty. We will schedule follow-ups after one week, then two weeks, six weeks, and three months after your surgery. We’ll work with you to create a schedule that suits you. 

Get Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills, CA

If you think that you could benefit from changing your nose’s shape or size, or if you have difficulties with your sinuses or other breathing issues, rhinoplasty can give you the results you’ve been looking for. 

At Galanis Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, CA, we offer a variety of cosmetic procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, for women and men. Contact us today and request an appointment to learn more about nose reshaping.

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