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The inner lips of the labia (the labia minora) serve an important purpose; they protect and cover the sensitive places of a woman’s body. This includes the clitoris, vaginal opening, and the opening to the urethra. Typically, the lips of the labia do not protrude from the outer lips (the labia majora). However, factors, such as genetics, pregnancy, or aging, can change the size and shape of the labia minora, causing the lips to enlarge and become visible when they were not before. This enlargement can impede your regular, daily activities by increasing discomfort or self-consciousness about your body. However, Charles Galanis, M.D., offers labiaplasty in beverly hills as part of his genital rejuvenation services. If you’re looking to restore comfort and confidence, then consider labiaplasty beverly hills.



Labia that has become enlarged and protrudes from its typical positioning can cause pain during standard daily movements. If you are regularly engaging in activities that require weight to be placed on your lower body, you may experience pain from the size and position of your labia minora. This includes any activity that requires sitting for extended periods of time or that involves repeated contact between your legs. Driving, bike riding, horseback riding, and even sitting in your office chair all day can cause you pain.


Movement that causes friction between the legs can be a source of irritation when the labia is enlarged. This can impede activities such as exercise, sex, and even walking. If your labia minora hangs below your labia majora, it can rub against your thighs or even be in contact with your clothing. This repeated movement against the labia minora can cause soreness and tenderness.


It goes without saying that feeling discomfort or irritation in a part of your body will make you self-conscious about how you present yourself. If pain and irritation from your labia make it difficult to engage in daily activities, then you may consider not participating in activities you enjoy. Additionally, the irritation or pain that can be associated with sex may make you consider reducing intimate encounters with your significant other. These can all take a toll on your confidence level.


Labiaplasty beverly hills may be performed under general, local, or IV anesthesia. Charles Galanis, M.D., will reduce the size of your labia by surgically removing excess skin. The specific procedure and technique used will be determined during your initial consultation and will be dependent on your treatment goal as well as the anatomy of your labia. After the procedure, you will likely experience swelling and tenderness. Discomfort can be managed with oral pain medication. Walking immediately after surgery is encouraged, as is icing the site for the first couple of days. This helps to minimize the swelling. You will need to avoid any strenuous activity for approximately six weeks, including complete pelvic rest. You will follow up in our office after your procedure at one week, two weeks, six weeks, three months, and six months (or as needed, if other concerns become apparent).

To find out how you may benefit from Beverly hills labiaplasty, please contact us for a consultation to see Charles Galanis, M.D. Call our Beverly Hills office at 310-858-8930 or our Chicago office at 844-GALANIS (844-425-2647) today.

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