Are you fairly happy with your size and weight, but you feel that your body is not as tight and toned as you would like? If so, you aren’t alone. It takes a great deal of work in the gym to achieve a sculpted physique, but for some people, their bodies never quite achieve the definition that they would like, regardless of how hard they try. This can be incredibly frustrating, particularly when you have put a great deal of work in to losing weight and/or honing your shape.

In most cases, stubborn pockets of fat are to blame. These most often accumulate around the abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks. However, sometimes patients also struggle with them in their upper arms, and in the case of women, around where their bra sits.

In the past, conventional, surgical liposuction was the only method by which these stubborn fat cells could be broken up and eliminated. Although the procedure itself is fairly straightforward, the thought of invasive surgery was and remains, too harrowing for some people. Fortunately, innovations in body transformations have continued and now there is an alternative that can enable you to still achieve the body that you have always dreamed of – non-surgical liposuction.


It may surprise you to learn that non-surgical liposuction isn’t actually liposuction at all, but instead various types of treatment that all aim to replicate the effects of liposuction by reducing body fat by altering cells within the patient’s body. The way in which each treatment does this varies, with methods including:

–         Laser technology

–         The application of heat

–         The application of rapid cooling/freezing fat cells

–         Ultrasound technology

Some of the brand names for these treatments that you may hear might include Elixis®, i-Lipo®, CoolSculpting® and Liposonix®.

Liposonix® is one of the most commonly-requested types of non-surgical liposuction available in the United States. This particular brand of solution uses high-energy ultrasound technology to destroy underlying fat cells without damaging the overlying skin.


By far the biggest benefit of non-surgical liposuction is the fact that it is a completely non-invasive solution. This means that there are no incisions and in most cases, patients do not require any anesthetic. In most instances, a single treatment can usually be performed in less than a few hours since there is less pre-procedure preparation and most patients will find that they can return to their usual activities pretty much immediately after their treatment.


One of the most common questions that we get asked is, ‘does non-surgical lipo really work’? Well, the short answer is yes, it most certainly does providing that you get the right type of treatment and it is carried out by an experienced professional with properly maintained equipment.

The thing to remember with non-surgical liposuction is that that the actual fat reduction process takes place over a course of treatments, and this means that it can take weeks or months to see your transformation taking place. This is especially true since most non-surgical liposuction treatments rely on your body naturally metabolizing the fat cells that you destroy – a process which isn’t immediate.

It is also important to remember that non-surgical liposuction isn’t a weight loss solution. Good candidates are people that have already reached a steady weight that they are happy with and are simply looking to tone stubborn areas so that they are smoother, flatter and have greater definition than before.

If you would like to learn more about non-surgical liposuction procedures, or if you would like to schedule a consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact our offices where our discreet and friendly staff will be delighted to help.

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